Managing guarding staff

Issue 9 2020 Security Services & Risk Management

Gone are the days when security staff are dropped on site and collected in rotation for the next shift. With the cost of living skyrocketing, more is being expected from the security service provider. Making sure that security staff are managed to the fullest, and that the mandate from the client is met and professionally managed, is critical to retaining customers. To achieve this, security companies use the services of Onguard Patrol Management to assist with operational staff management.

There are three types of patrol systems available to the Onguard brand. The basic Onguard MKiii RFID baton system uses a control panel mounted in the guardhouse. When guards start and end a patrol they register on the panel and patrol information is then pushed to the secure server via a GSM modem.

The Onguard Mobi RG310 and Onguard Mobi T199 each offer different features, allowing for a multipronged solution to a site's requirements. Both units in the Mobi range can facilitate up to 100 NFC patrol points. The Mobi RG310 allows for instructions to be given to the guard at each point they visit.

The inter-point delay and loiter feature allows you to stipulate a time between each point so as not to ‘run the baton’ and finish the patrol early, making sure a patrolling guard stays on patrol for a pre-determined time. Reporting incidents from the Mobi RG310 while on a patrol has been taken care of with the on-board incident report from the on-board drop down menu.

The Mobi range has an on-board panic button connected to the control room to ensure the guard can report an emergency at all times. Onguard Mobi T199 offers a basic patrol option with voice prompts to ensure patrols are met. The push-to-talk module keeps the control room and site in constant contact. Each patrol system is monitored by the control room staff on a secure web-based monitoring platform.

Managers have not been left out of the monitoring process. They use the Onguard Telegram Bot to receive live notifications of failed or incomplete patrols directly to their mobile phones.

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