Easier management of surveillance data

Issue 9 2020 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Synectics, with the latest release of its Synergy software platform, is enabling organisations to monitor and manage increasing volumes of critical real-time data across their surveillance and security networks.

New features such as enhanced mapping, system configuration, and edge recording mean that customers can save time, money, and resources while enhancing their safety and security operations. Combined with integrations to video analytics technologies, and safeguarding capabilities to ensure compliance with data protection laws, Synergy is helping customers navigate ‘new normal’ conditions.

"Synergy is a platform that matches powerful capability with real-life usability, connecting millions of devices across cities, infrastructure, and transport networks. For organisations facing new ways of working and additional demands on resources, achieving this balance has never been more important," said Dan Noble, Synergy product manager at Synectics.

Simplify situational awareness with Synergy Maps

Synergy's mapping engine ensures greater control with visibility of real-time events. Operators can swiftly navigate to the location and status of any situation, enabling them to quickly coordinate the necessary response. Synergy Maps present vast quantities of system, operational, and third-party device information. This is displayed as ‘glanceable’ data with icons, groupings, and interactive points within an uncluttered design that is easy to understand, navigate, and rapidly interrogate.

Crucially, the mapping user interface also allows operators to navigate seamlessly across multiple formats, including vector maps, CAD, and GIS. This dynamic approach is a significant benefit for customers who need a high degree of flexibility to efficiently monitor diverse areas, assets, and operations across large estates or multiple sites.

To aid rapid troubleshooting, business planning, and system asset control, Synergy's Asset Register provides an accurate assessment of the configuration, licensing, and version information for hardware and software components.

"With the Asset Register, it is easy to identify or rule out scenarios like this. It shows everything customers need to know to keep track of their assets and helps engineers to keep the system working optimally. We wanted to ensure that this information is readily available when needed," added Noble.

Safeguard data and footage integrity

Synectics Intelligent Edge Recording is an example of the value added when combining Synergy with other products in its portfolio. Intelligent Edge Recording mitigates the risk of footage loss by using the in-built camera memory to store a cache of video footage, only writing to the SD card if the Synectics IP camera cannot connect to networked storage hardware. Synergy's backfilling functionality automatically captures this data and restores it to the server once available.

In addition to ensuring uninterrupted footage, this recording configuration avoids potential issues such as SD card malfunction or data loss due to overwriting. Furthermore, it means customers do not have the expense or disruption of replacing SD cards every year, both of which can be significant for organisations with a large camera estate or cameras that are difficult to access.

The latest version of Synergy also continues to focus on cybersecurity improvements and safeguards – adding to those released earlier this year – to protect footage continuity.

Rounding off the latest developments are integrations that provide users with new ways to easily leverage the benefits of facial recognition and data analytics. These latest integrations support customers who need to adapt and implement approaches that allow them to operate efficiently and safely under new normal conditions.

For more information on Synergy visit www.synecticsglobal.com

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