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Eagle Eye Networks was created to make video security easier for today's business owners. Camera systems have traditionally been costly and challenging for end users to manage. Eagle Eye Networks customers get the advantages of cloud management and cloud storage, including lower TCO (total cost of ownership), on-demand deployment and centralised management, all with the complete flexibility to store video in the cloud, on-premise, or any combination of the two.

The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS solves the historical obstacles to cloud deployment, including high bandwidth consumption, security/privacy vulnerabilities, and limited camera selection. Eagle Eye delivers intelligent bandwidth management, complete privacy encryption and supports thousands of IP and analogue cameras.

Cloud architecture: With Eagle Eye’s cloud-based management and recording, you no longer have to install PCs, DVRs, or NVRs. You no longer have to install and configure software. You no longer have to maintain and keep operating systems running and secure. No more configuring of DNS and IP addresses. You get simplicity and reliability so you can focus on your business.

Full-featured VMS: The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS is 100% web/mobile-based. View live and recorded video from a laptop or tablet. Use the web interface to add cameras with just a single click. Manage user permissions with a couple of dropdown boxes and checkboxes.

Flexible storage: Eagle Eye gives customers the flexibility to adjust the portion of video stored in the cloud and the portion stored on-premise, ranging from 0-100%. Video can be stored entirely on-premise or entirely in the cloud or in any combination.

Monthly subscriptions: Eagle Eye’s cloud model is based on monthly subscriptions. Choose the amount of storage and cameras you want. You only pay for what you need. Add more cameras at any time without adding hardware.

For more information contact Eagle Eye Networks, +31 20 26 10 460,,


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