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Onguard Patrol Management has supplied the security industry for over 20 years. Originally developed in 2013, Identiscan is a visitor access control system with three scanner models to choose from. Each unit captures the driver’s or pedestrian’s details and vehicle information, the destination and the reason for the visit.

The base model is the PM80 and the next model up is the PM85, offering a dual SIM card, allowing the gate security to call a resident or destination directly from the scanner to verify that the visitor is welcome.

With COVID, rapid changes were needed in the way that visitors were processed onto an estate. Again, Onguard’s development team stepped up. The latest addition to the product line is the C6T scanner with dual SIM and on-board thermometer. All three visitor scanners accommodate the required COVID questions and mandatory temperature recording. Onguard’s Bluelock unit allows the boom or automated gate to be opened directly from a scanner, making sure that the guard never leaves the driver’s side when capturing visitor information. All scanned data is stored on an off-site server under strict POPIA requirements, making Identiscan a valuable tool in the security company’s arsenal.

The ‘manager’s friend’, as a client aptly named the Mobi T199 guard patrol system, is a tool to manage on-site staff. The push-to-talk module gives you the ability to communicate with site staff in real time. This is a huge advantage over terrestrial analogue or digital radio systems because no costly repeater networks are needed as the GSM infrastructure already exists and is in place throughout the country.

Reporting incidents live to the control room is a plus and the patrol module ensures that on-site security guards are doing patrols regularly. Each T199 can facilitate up to 100 NFC patrol points, allowing larger areas to be patrolled. The audible voice commands make sure that the patrol instructions are actioned and carried out correctly.

The on-board panic button will give a security guard peace of mind that a panic can be sent to the control room and responded to immediately. Patrol exceptions are reported live to managers via the Onguard Telegram bot. The patrol reports are date and time stamped with point names and email directly from the server to recipients.

For more information contact Jamie Bell, Onguard Patrol Management, +27 21 701 7777,,


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