mySOS improves retirement living safety levels

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When it comes to retired living, we all want peace of mind, independence, and safety. Retirement should be a time for indulging in one’s hobbies and interests, getting out and experiencing life’s adventures without the burden of worrying about safety and unforeseen emergencies. Choosing to live in a retirement estate or village is an option taken by many.

For estates wanting to offer their residents the best of both worlds – independence and safety – mySOS has a solution. Its newly launched panic button connects residents of retirement villages, nursing homes, frail care and assisted living facilities to their health and emergency resources, at the touch of a button.

Created as an all-in-one device, the mySOS Panic Button, when pressed, sends instant notification of an emergency. This includes the user’s nominated emergency contacts as well as the estate’s control room or selected emergency services. This solution caters not only for those living in estates but is also a lifeline for the many that live alone or choose to age ‘in place’.

From GPS tracking to fall detection, the mySOS Panic Button offers a variety of life-saving features. This includes two-way voice calls, which allows the control room/emergency contact to talk to the user via their panic button. The offering has a user-friendly, real-time dashboard to monitor emergencies, change or update information, and can be linked to medical history and data in the control room. This wearable device allows the retirement estate to receive a notification that a resident has an emergency (for example, a fall detection or health emergency).

“When it comes to emergencies, accessibility, speed and accuracy are everything,” explains Albert van Urk, mySOS co-founder. “Pressing the button sends an alert in a matter of seconds, plus, having the resident’s key details on hand adds life-saving seconds when responding."

mySOS also offers an optional service where operational process flows can be automated via its mobile app. Nurses and aides can do selected checks which can then be uploaded to the system and selected reports can be generated, such as vital signs (blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.). This can determine if a resident will need additional care.

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