City installs 13 000 cameras in four months

Issue 9 2020 Editor's Choice, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Eagle Eye Networks has announced one of the fastest completions of a large scale, fully integrated city-wide surveillance programme, installing 13 720 cameras in four months. The project has been a large success for Mexico City C5, contributing to Mexico City’s larger ‘Citizen Safety’ mobile application. This mobile application facilitates content sharing for more effective neighbourhood watch and a panic SOS button.

“Effective city-wide surveillance is more than installing cameras in a few key locations, it’s about creating a platform that meets the unique needs of each municipality. In partnership with Eagle Eye Networks we leveraged the Eagle Eye Video API and SDK to customise a unique web application that is designed to integrate fixed, mobile body-worn and vehicle cameras into one interface, providing an unprecedented level of insight and awareness into our cities’ operations,” said Jaime Abad Valdenebro, CEO,

4G connectivity with Eagle Eye Networks’ bandwidth optimisation was used in order to facilitate this quick deployment, installing approximately 250 cameras per day at its peak. The cameras are all operational, remotely monitored, and providing safety and security to citizens today.

This fast-paced installation occurred amidst the global supply chain challenges caused by COVID-19, however, Eagle Eye Networks’ strong partnership with both the reseller,, and suppliers provided alternatives and solutions to keep the project on schedule.

Eagle Eye Networks’ solution was chosen because the Eagle Eye Cloud Video API platform provides an open solution that allows integration of new technologies (AI, advanced analytics, search, licence plate recognition), new suppliers, and new cameras at any time. Future-proofing and cybersecurity-proofing the city’s investment and eliminating the headaches associated with managing large premise-based data centres was crucial in the decision.

“When deploying a city-wide surveillance project, scalability, retention, and cellular transmission must be considered. Eagle Eye’s cloud video retention and massive on-demand scalability make it ideal for large-scale deployments. To operate your own large data centre system for video recording is expensive and challenging. With Eagle Eye’s subscription service, we provide a more robust and lower-cost answer for large-scale deployments. Furthermore, our open platform provides a future-proof solution, integrating AI, video analytics, and advanced search at the click of a mouse,” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks.

“More than half of the world’s population resides in cities, creating an increased demand for smart, accurate insights to help streamline everyday operations including public safety, traffic flow management, infrastructure and transportation. Enormous amounts of data collection, aggregation, and storage are necessary to drive the deep analysis that is required to produce these smart insights. The only way to efficiently manage this data is to aggregate and analyse in the cloud,” said Jeff Kessler, managing director of Imperial Capital and publisher of the Security Industry Annual Report.

The Eagle Eye Cloud is a robust, scalable and cost-effective solution, purpose-built to support the data storage and analysis demands that city-wide deployments require.

Building safer, smarter, more connected cities

Eagle Eye’s ‘Smart Cities’ whitepaper discusses how to use data and technology to make residents’ everyday lives easier and better, while making innovative and efficient use of resources.

Eagle Eye Networks has published its latest whitepaper, ‘Smart Cities: Cloud Video for Connected, Secure Cities’. A valuable resource for city leaders looking to build a smart infrastructure, the paper delves into applications, public use, key technology requirements, and smart city engineering and architecture.

The whitepaper outlines 11 key requirements of smart city technology initiatives, including:

Intelligent connectivity – City leaders must develop a sound networking plan for any proposed project, verifying the infrastructure capabilities and documenting the planned intelligent use of existing network infrastructure and any new infrastructure to be added as part of the project.

Simple scalability – Explore the future vision of the smart city infrastructure and document how the modern solution being proposed will satisfy current needs and also be both expandable and manageable for future growth.

Device and system interoperability – Ensure the immediate interoperability requirements have all been identified. Work out and document how they will be addressed by current product capabilities or near-term vendor roadmap items.

Open systems architecture – Don’t just conform to smart city planning, but contribute to it – especially for strategic infrastructure design and elevating citizen and visitor experiences.

Actionable data and analytics – Security technology service providers should consider the many opportunities that are appropriate for a city seeking to improve the smart city venue experiences.

Download the whitepaper at

For more information contact Eagle Eye Networks, +31 20 26 10 460,,


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