Non-contact entry alarm control

Issue 6 2020 Access Control & Identity Management

COVID-19 has presented the world with new and unique challenges and subsequently a raft of regulations and government mandates to keep us safe from the spread of the disease.

One such requirement is measuring the temperature of those who enter the premises and gathering information regarding their possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus via a questionnaire. Many of the above-mentioned entities jumped into action acquiring temperature measurement equipment wherever and whenever they could. Much of this equipment was absolute junk as could be seen from being exposed on every platform from social media to legacy media sites.

Trac-Tech researched the market and decided to distribute the UVH-F3 non-contact entry alarm. The UVH-F3 can be either a fixed wall installation or a portable unit on tripod. It scans the user’s temperature from a distance between 5 and 10 cm from either the forehead or the wrist, is accurate to 0,2°C and takes 0,5 seconds to complete a scan.

Once the scan is complete a visual indicator will notify the user of their temperature and whether they can enter the premises or not via a red/green LED display. Should the user have a temperature that exceeds the safety parameter, an alarm will sound notifying staff that there is a problem. Trac-Tech has provided for an access control integration variant via a relay output that will trigger an electrical lock.

Simpler tracing

The issue with the government mandate is that the process is manual and requires a dedicated staff member or appointed person to ensure the questionnaire is completed and temperature is measured. The process allows for misinformation to be entered regarding temperature readings, contact and personal details and often information entered is illegible. It is also not user friendly as visitors would stand in long lines waiting for the persons in front of them to complete the process, defeating social distancing requirements.

Trac-Tech has provided a workable solution that negates some, if not all, of the above issues. The process is simple:

• The client is provided with a URL with a form with all the required information on the web page as well as software to be installed on a dedicated localised PC.

• The URL is then provided to the visitor where they can then complete the required information as a profile. This ensures that details such as name, contact number and email address are correct, and all information is legible.

• The URL will then send the visitor a QR code via email or MMS. If the contact number or email is incorrect, they will not receive the QR code.

• Once the visitor arrives at the premises, they display the QR code to a dedicated QR reader attached to the localised PC.

• Once the software installed on the localised PC recognises the QR code, the visitor’s profile will open.

• The visitor will then be required to scan either their forehead or wrist on the UVH-F3 device.

• The device will display the temperature and will send the temperature measurement to the software via a USB cable.

• The software will log the temperature measurement within the client profile.

• The client now has a correct and electronically verifiable record as per government mandate. Should the need arise, a set of reporting functions are available within the software provided.

For more information contact Trac-Tech, +27 21 404 4600,,


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