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Residential Estate Security Handbook 2020 Access Control & Identity Management

Access control systems today include touch entry systems. While these methods maintain their effectiveness in securing your property, they present concerns considering the coronavirus pandemic. The world and life as we know it has changed dramatically, further driving the migration of biometric access control and workforce management technology to touchless solutions that can help preserve the health and integrity of every human being.

While access control systems are advantageous and necessary, there are touchless options to secure your property that can help prevent the spread of the virus. The capabilities of ZKTeco’s touchless access control solutions provide much needed peace of mind to the residential estate body corporate and owners wrestling with the uncertainties of securing their investments and properties during these very challenging times. What better time than now to consider implementing touchless access control technology that uses facial and/or palm recognition?

A touchless access control solution translates into better hygiene for everyone. It also allows for a much quicker flow of foot and vehicle traffic, enhanced security and convenience for authorised users seeking access through a door, gate, or turnstile. Our touchless technology embedded with face and palm recognition sensors provide 100% touchless user authentication for a variety of applications spanning access control, time and attendance, visitor management and more. Touchless access control from the gate to your door it is all possible now, from intelligent touchless vehicle management and monitoring solutions to mask and temperature detection devices for your residential gate and door.

Access control systems are the front lines in any security setup. Touchless biometric devices and surveillance systems fulfil a dual role: in addition to keeping unauthorised people out and letting authorised persons through. Many access control systems can also track who comes and goes and when; such information is of utmost importance to any secured residential area.

Integrated security management

Looking at integrated security management platforms is no less important. An integrated security solution refers to a solution that bundles together different aspects of physical as well as electronic security to provide a holistic mechanism that contributes to the overall risk management strategy of any organisation or residential area. The integration of various products installed to give a complete access control system solution for any residence can make your life easier, while providing more security for your family.

Components of any integrated solution may include (but are not limited to) CCTV surveillance systems, access control systems, alarm systems, fire detection and suppression systems, electric fences, entrance control systems, physical guarding and so on. The extent as well as the scope to which each residential area may require these systems is determined by the risk profile of each one of them, as some will need more than others.

ZKTeco’s intelligent touchless vehicle management and monitoring solution consists of a variety of devices that are installed at the entrance of a residential estate to provide a comprehensive touchless solution. These include but are not limited to our licence plate readers, UHF readers, boom gates, facial recognition devices, etc.

The key factor at the end of the day is how these systems can be integrated to make the use thereof easily manageable, and how responsive the integrated solution is to the daily operational needs of the residential owner and residential area. With the correct placement and usage of various security products any property, especially residential, can be able to ensure that the people living within their properties feel safe and secure.

Integrated health

Our Proface X and SpeedFace series, which include face and palm recognition readers, also detect if a person requesting access has an acceptable body temperature and is wearing a protective mask. Our touchless biometric readers with body temperature detection will instantly read if someone trying to enter registers an unacceptable temperature. Users will be denied access if an unacceptable body temperature or no mask is detected. This helps improve the safety, efficiency, security, and visitor service of any residential property.


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