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Issue 4 2020 Conferences & Events

In response to the recent global pandemic, Paxton has expanded its online installer training platform and launched a series of informative webinars. The webinars are free to join and the online training is now free to help installers while social restrictions are in place. Paxton’s approach is to remain supportive and productive by providing their customers with the latest product training, technical advice as well as support with upcoming projects for 2020 and beyond.

Paxton has been offering free installer training since 2005 and regularly sees thousands of installers face-to-face at training sessions all over the world. Until recently the company was hosting hands-on workshops at Paxton offices as well as out in the field. With many social restrictions currently in place across the globe, Paxton decided that training must continue and has provided free access to the learning portal to support installers and their end users.

Paxton’s training team has ensured the online courses are interactive and engaging. They include how-to videos, clear and concise text, as well as interactive exercises. Designed with Paxton’s core value of simplicity in mind, the online training will test, build confidence and knowledge of Paxton systems. The training comprises of bite-sized modules covering their access control and door entry ranges to give installers flexibility to learn.

Global training manager, Steve Woodbridge, said: “Our online training program continues to expand, providing more content than ever before to engage our customers in self-paced training sessions. It means the installer will benefit from our 35 years of industry experience from wherever they are, whenever they choose.”

The courses currently cover a range of products including:

• Paxton10, a single platform access and video system.

• Net2, software, an advanced PC-based access control solution.

• Entry, door entry system that works stand-alone or alongside Paxton’s Net2 access control.

• PaxLock, wireless access control in a door handle.

In addition to the online training portal, Paxton is currently running two brand new webinars. In the first two weeks of launching the webinars, the company saw over 900 installers attend.

With many new products released throughout 2020, the installer training portal and webinars are constantly evolving.

Paxton’s online training platform can easily be requested via

To register for on one of Paxton’s free webinars, go to


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