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1 April 2020 Access Control & Identity Management

IDEMIA moved to its new headquarters on September 2018, in an 11-floor building located in La Défense business district in Paris. The building brings together 1300 employees out of a worldwide total of close to 15 000 people.

Due to the sensitive nature of its activities in this building, and given its position in the biometrics market, IDEMIA decided to deploy biometric access control throughout the entire building – a first in this business district and a fantastic opportunity to showcase IDEMIA’s flagship products in real life.

Most employees get to the office via nearby metro and tram stations, and therefore arrive within the same 30-minute window. This creates the need for a high-throughput access control solution, for entrance and exit at peak times. Access to the six elevators serving the 11 floors is given after a first control at speedgates in the lobby area.

The solution

IDEMIA opted for MorphoWave Compact integrated with Digicon’s dFlow speedgates. MorphoWave Compact devices were mounted on a special stylish stainless steel pedestal. Four dFlow lanes were installed, with readers for entry and exit.

MorphoWave Compact is IDEMIA’s flagship biometric device for physical access control. It performs a 3D scan and verification of 4 fingerprints in less than 1 second, in a quick and easy touchless ‘wave’ gesture within the reader.

These features make the product particularly well-suited for such high-traffic locations, with the capability to authenticate up to 50 people per minute thanks to advanced algorithms based on artificial intelligence.

With dFlow, Digicon introduces a new vision for access control gates – one with continuous flows and normally open doors. dFlow enables free flow, ushering new levels of comfort and security.

Instead of finding closed doors, users are instead welcomed with a fully open passageway and a distinctive system of visual identification. In the event access is not granted, the gate doors will close in proportion to the proximity and speed of the non-authorised user. All this thanks to an imaging system, which monitors the entire gate instead of a limited number of specific sectors.

Popular solution

The installation is highly acclaimed by employees who appreciate the frictionless use of MorphoWave Compact and its natural ‘wave’ hand gesture, as well as Digicon’s ‘always open’ dFlow concept, that enables them to get to the elevators in only a few seconds.

Of course, IDEMIA was well placed for this biometric employee access control deployment, being the provider of MorphoWave Compact. The employees were immediately convinced by the frictionless and hygienic experience it offered them. The team in charge of the security of the building found the MorphoWave Compact and dFlow combination more secure and less intrusive than other access control systems.

*Materials courtesy of IDEMIA.

For more information contact IDEMIA, +27 11 601 5500,,


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