Forbatt SA is an official FLIR distributor

Issue 3 2020 News

Forbatt SA has announced that it now has official distribution rights for the FLIR range of products. According to Vaughn Tempelhoff, product specialist for Forbatt SA, “FLIR is the perfect addition to our existing solutions and offers customers another layer of security – a sixth sense. Some of the many applications of products in the FLIR range include the protection of estates, the protection of borders (with the recent coronavirus outbreak), the protection of wildlife and the eradication of illegal wild animal trade.”

The coronavirus epidemic and poaching are forcing security specialists to tighten borders and heighten the security around wildlife. The recent comprehensive ban on all wildlife trading by China is a massive step in the right direction. On the 25 February 2020, China’s top legislature said it has banned the trade and consumption of wild animals. The fast-tracked decision, it says, will allow the country to win the battle against the coronavirus outbreak.

The ban will have two effects on wildlife trade. First, a decrease in overall demand because of the legal risk, and second, for those willing to take the risk, an increase in sophistication by poachers and traders. The next question is – how prepared are we for the protection of our wildlife? Technology provides the answers.

Seeing in the dark

FLIR infrared thermal imaging cameras see through darkness and ignore visual camouflage. Unlike all other night-time vision systems, they require no light whatsoever to produce a clear image. Many poachers are active at night and use the cover of darkness to remain undetected. They will show up clearly in a thermal image, even in total darkness and in practically all-weather conditions. This added layer of visibility gives rangers a hand up in their battle.

FLIR in the protection of wildlife

FLIR has an excellent track record in the protection of wildlife across the continent. In 2019, FLIR announced the Kifaru Rising Project, a multi-year effort in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to deploy FLIR thermal imaging technology to help improve ranger safety and contribute to their mission to stop illegal wildlife poaching of rhinos across 10 parks and game reserves in Kenya. Kifaru Rising includes a pledge by FLIR of more than $3 million in thermal imaging technology, engineering assistance, and training with the goal of eliminating rhino poaching in Kenya by 2021.

This mission has given park rangers the upper hand. In the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya alone, park rangers have arrested hundreds of would-be poachers as a direct result of FLIR technology.

“Our range of FLIR products gives surveillance specialists and professional installers an added layer of security. FLIR cameras have had significant success in the protection of borders, wildlife sanctuaries, public safety and environments where thermal technology is needed for ‘another set of eyes’. Now you can use your digital sixth sense to see in the dark,” says Tempelhoff.


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