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NEC XON shares lessons learned from ransomware attacks
May 2024, Editor's Choice, Information Security
NEC XON has handled many ransomware attacks. We've distilled key insights and listed them in this article to better equip companies and individuals for scenarios like this, which many will say are an inevitable reality in today’s environment.

Cyber-armour for a healthcare industry under attack
May 2024, Information Security, Healthcare (Industry)
Malicious actors have exploited compromised credentials, a clear and present danger when healthcare providers' reliance on remote access software allows adversaries to disguise themselves as legitimate users and gain unauthorised access to critical environments.

Digital transformation in mines
SMART Mining Security Solutions 2024, Technews Publishing, Mining (Industry)
Digital transformation has been hyped to death, but is a reality all companies in all industries need to address, including the mining sector. BCX and NEC XON weigh in on the challenges mines face.

Protecting our most vulnerable
SMART Access & Identity 2024, Access Control & Identity Management, Products & Solutions
In a nation grappling with the distressing rise in child kidnappings, the need for innovative solutions to protect our infants has never been more critical. South Africa finds itself in the throes of a child abduction pandemic.

Cyber threat anticipation
Issue 7 2023, Information Security, Security Services & Risk Management
The ever-increasing number of sophisticated attacks on the horizon means organisations must evolve and adapt their cybersecurity strategies to protect their data, systems, and reputation.

Six effective antidotes to modern cyber adversaries
Issue 6 2023, Information Security
As the head of cybersecurity at NEC XON, Armand Kruger has witnessed the transformation from hooded hackers to a sophisticated dark economy that poses unprecedented threats and is run like a business.

NEC XON appoints Armand Kruger as Head of Cybersecurity
Issue 2/3 2023, News & Events, Information Security
NEC XON has announced the appointment of Armand Kruger as the Head of Cybersecurity. Kruger will oversee all cybersecurity offerings including cybersecurity strategy, programmes, and executive advisory.

Underground/overground low latency communication
SMART Mining Security Solutions 2023, Infrastructure, Mining (Industry)
From 5G networks to secure and reliable underground and open cast (M2M) communications, the mining industry is embracing digital transformation to improve the flow of information across sites, streamline decision-making, and enable safe, secure remote operations.

A smart start for South African cities
Issue 1 2023, Integrated Solutions, Infrastructure
Cameras and sensors can kick off smart city strategies in cities around South Africa, leading to not only improved security and safety, but also better service delivery in areas like electricity and water provisioning.

AI digitises coronavirus management
Issue 7 2020, Access Control & Identity Management
NEC XON is using NeoFace Watch and specialised thermography cameras to measure temperature and identify employees and visitors.

AI-driven wireless network
Issue 6 2020, Transport (Industry)
Ikhwezi Bus Service has deployed an AI-driven wireless network that learns and adapts to ongoing conditions with proactive notifications and prescriptive actions.

A picture spoofs a thousand cameras
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2020, Hikvision South Africa, Technews Publishing, Access Control & Identity Management
Hi-Tech Security Solutions looks into the reliability and effectiveness of facial biometrics as well as the concerns about privacy.


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