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ICAM Video telematics
Securex Preview 2023, Products & Solutions
Working in conjunction with the latest advance in artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), video telematics is providing additional functionality with more data, allowing companies ...

ICAM Video Telematics
Securex Preview 2022, Products & Solutions
ICAM Video Telematics is a supplier of in-vehicle camera solutions, combining video with Telematics. ICAM will be showcasing the following solutions at Securex 2022: ADAS and DMS: Enhancing good driving ...

More than tracking
Issue 6 2021, Technews Publishing, Transport (Industry)
Fleet management has never been an easy job, especially in South Africa where many innovations have been developed and exported to deal with the challenges we face.

Securing transportation with technology
Issue 7 2020, Transport (Industry)
Technology can do much more than ever before, and makes it possible to collect and analyse this data to improve the running of a business.

Mitigating risks with video telematics
April 2017, Surveillance, Asset Management, Integrated Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management
Modern video-based telematics will not only ensure reduced time to settle insurance claims, but fleet owners can now increase driver productivity, reduce fuel theft and increase load frequency.


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