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Cloud-based access for finance
SMART Access & Identity 2024, Access Control & Identity Management
Experience a new level of secure access control with NOKEY, tailored for banking environments, ATM cubicles, and safeguarded spaces. The cloud-based system offers effortless administration, control, and access management.

Revolutionise your security with integrated solutions
Issue 8 2023, Products & Solutions, Surveillance
By merging the capabilities of SecuVue and Secutraq, Secutel has forged a robust system empowering users to fine-tune analytics and harness facial recognition, pose detection, and XFS, among other features.

Integrated solutions for secure logistics and transport
Issue 7 2023, Transport (Industry)
SMART Security Solutions asked Secutel’s GM, Andre Vermeulen, what the company offers to the logistics and transport industries to improve their security posture and protect people and assets.

Body-worn evidence
SMART Estate Security 2023, Technews Publishing, Forbatt SA, Betatrac Telematic Solutions, Surveillance, Residential Estate (Industry), Products & Solutions
Body-worn cameras are no longer just a good idea or a luxury item; in fact, they are gaining popularity and finding use in various situations, one of these being in residential estates.

Facial recognition from live cameras
Issue 6 2023, Government and Parastatal (Industry)
The need for accurate and live facial recognition is an important consideration for safe and smart city surveillance systems. Secutel Technologies and NEC XON now offer a comprehensive 98%-plus accurate facial solution to market.

Cloud for security and operational optimisation
Issue 5 2023, Retail (Industry), Surveillance, Integrated Solutions
With the abundance of services available to retailers, SMART Security Solutions asked Andre Vermeulen, GM at Secutel Technologies about what the company’s SecuVue cloud services can do for this market.

An unbiased witness always present
SMART Surveillance 2023, Technews Publishing, Betatrac Telematic Solutions, doculam , Forbatt SA, Surveillance, Integrated Solutions, Products & Solutions
Smart Security Solutions ask a number of body-worn camera providers for their take on the market and what features and functionality their latest solutions include.

SecuTraq F2 Bodycam
SMART Surveillance 2023, Surveillance, Products & Solutions
Secutel has announced its latest body-worn camera with multiple cameras and a range of additional functionality, such as Push-to-Talk, GPS location tracking, 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as constant remote monitoring from the control room.

Unlock seamless security with integrated products
Issue 4 2023, Integrated Solutions, Products & Solutions
By combining SecuVue and Secutraq, Secutel has created a system that enables users to configure analytics, facial recognition, pose detection, and XFS among other security triggers modern service providers require.

The future is keyless
Issue 2/3 2023, Access Control & Identity Management, Products & Solutions
Keyless entry, virtual keys, and mobile lock control are revolutionising the security industry. Secutel’s NoKey is an enterprise-grade cloud-based access control system that eliminates the need for access control cards, fingerprint readers, tags, or keys.

Integrating existing technology and AI
Issue 2/3 2023, Financial (Industry), Access Control & Identity Management, Products & Solutions, AI & Data Analytics
Financial institutions require strict security processes governing staff and visitors (including unwanted visitors), from the perimeter, right into their campuses and buildings; however, replacing all existing security systems with new technology is not always viable.

Secure and private access in the cloud
Issue 1 2023, Education (Industry)
Combining the idea of touchless and mobile access control, Secutel Technologies has developed NoKey, a secure keyless access control system using biometrics and BLE technology to ensure the user is present to open the door.


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