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Make any household device more intelligent with Vox IoT
Issue 1 2022, Smart Home Automation
Sixth Sense, an Internet-of-Things (IoT) product powered by Vox, has launched a range of low-powered sensors that deliver a variety of practical use cases for the average South African household.

Vox receives internationally accredited certification
Issue 8 2021, News
Vox recently implemented and received ISO 9001 certification as a way of improving its internal management systems to be more profitable, efficient and productive.

Securing business systems goes beyond the technology
Issue 8 2021, Cyber Security
While companies invest a great deal of time and effort in securing their systems, remote and hybrid working has forced businesses and their staff to acknowledge that security goes beyond technology.

Helping South African business tackle cyber threats
Issue 7 2021, Cyber Security
South Africa is now the third most targeted country in the world when it comes to cyber-attacks, with the average cost of an attack increasing from R3 million in 2020 to R4 million in 2021.

Understanding the evolving cybersecurity landscape
Issue 6 2021, Cyber Security
Given the global disruption that took place last year, it is hardly surprising that malware increased by 358% and ransomware by 435% as compared to 2019.

Cybersecurity in the physical security world
Issue 4 2021, Technews Publishing, Milestone Systems, Axis Communications SA, AVeS Cyber Security, Editor's Choice, Cyber Security, Integrated Solutions, IT infrastructure
Hi-Tech Security Solutions, in partnership with Milestone Systems, hosted a round table discussion to find out about the trends and realities and the importance of cybersecurity in the physical security and IoT world.

Hacking yourself must become the norm
Issue 3 2021, Cyber Security
With the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA) coming into full effect in July 2021 and bringing with it the threat of financial and reputational damages, businesses need to take a more proactive approach toward cybersecurity.

How IoT is enabling the rise of smarter homes
Issue 3 2021, Smart Home Automation, Integrated Solutions
At its most basic level, an IoT solution comprises three main components: sensors, a data transmission network and a platform to analyse and view the information.

Building walls is not enough
Issue 3 2021, Cyber Security
Cybersecurity: businesses are still building walls to defend against nuclear attacks.

IoT is playing an increasing role in monitoring behaviour
Issue 2 2021, Healthcare (Industry)
With 55% of respondents in a recent survey stating that they cannot afford to save towards retirement and living in a care facility, attention must turn to leveraging cost-effective and user-friendly technological innovations to unlock the potential for telecare.

What happens to your data when you leave the estate?
Residential Security Handbook 2021: Smart Estate Living , Asset Management, EAS, RFID
COVID-19 infections and the imminent enforcement of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) on 1 July 2021 have put business and residential estate visitor management under the spotlight from both a health and a data privacy perspective.

In case of emergency
Issue 9 2020, Products
Vox ICE (In Case of Emergency) delivers an affordable solution that addresses the problem of monitoring the elderly who live independently at home.


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