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AVeS launches cybersecurity awareness campaign
Issue 3 2021, News & Events
Amidst rising cybercrime, ongoing lockdowns and the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA) deadline in South Africa, organisations and their employees are facing a staggering increase in cyber risks.

Cybersecurity in the physical security world
Issue 4 2021, Technews Publishing, Milestone Systems, Axis Communications SA, Guardian Eye, Editor's Choice, Information Security, Integrated Solutions, Infrastructure
Hi-Tech Security Solutions, in partnership with Milestone Systems, hosted a round table discussion to find out about the trends and realities and the importance of cybersecurity in the physical security and IoT world.

Change management for project ROI and reduced risk
Issue 1 2021, Security Services & Risk Management
Companies that prioritise their employees’ change journeys during digital transformation projects, such as the remote working initiatives seen in 2020, are less exposed to risk and more likely to realise the return on their investments.

Think data protection first, POPIA compliance will come
Issue 9 2020, Infrastructure
Rather than focusing only on compliance, use POPIA as an opportunity to sharpen your organisation’s data protection capabilities.

Digital means managing your risk
Issue 6 2020, Editor's Choice
Digital transformation in mining companies has become a business imperative to drive efficiencies, optimise competitiveness and reduce risks associated with human error.

Next-generation security operations centre
Issue 4 2020, Information Security
Pay-as-you-use cybersecurity from AveS allows all businesses access to world-class expertise.

Minding the gaps to protect industrial PLCs from cyber threats
November 2019, Information Security
PLCs, designed to control machinery and specific processes, were never built with cybersecurity threats in mind and protecting PLCs against these threats requires healthy isolation from the Internet.

Access control is paramount for cloud security
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2020, Access Control & Identity Management
There is a misperception that if the cloud is secure, measures to control access to data are not necessary as the data is in a ‘safe place’.

Don’t let your personal information become someone else’s business
October 2019
The ever-growing use of social media and mobile devices by everyone has opened easy gateways for cyber criminals to steal personal information, identities, and money.

Integrated risk management essential
August 2019, Infrastructure, Security Services & Risk Management, Industrial (Industry)
With manufacturing focused intensively on innovation, combined with a reliance on connected networks and products, it is highly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Integration is communication
February 2019, Information Security, Integrated Solutions
Communication is the missing link for integrating physical and IT security resources, says Charl Ueckermann, CEO at AVeS Cyber Security.

The risks of social media
November 2018, Information Security
Employees, their social media profiles and the devices they use to access a company’s network and resources provide a plethora of gateways into the infrastructure for cyber criminals.


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