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Looking ahead
January 2014, Security Services & Risk Management
I believe that 2014 will be a more positive year for the security industry in South Africa. While the local economy is taking longer than hoped to gain positive momentum, things are certainly moving in the right direction.

A matter of life and death
November 2013, Security Services & Risk Management
The evidence is plain for those who are willing to see it. Background checks and the verification of licences is a responsibility that no company can overlook or underestimate.

Facing employee debt
October 2013, Security Services & Risk Management
While many organisations or employers might believe that their employee’s debts certainly shouldn’t be their problem, they would be right, but according to Jenny Reid, CEO of iFacts, it is important to help employees manage their personal debt.

We don't need more paper — we need to talk
September 2013, Security Services & Risk Management
Almost 20 years after the newly elected government faced the colossal task of fundamentally changing the policies of the apartheid government, it is time to confidently step back and assess where we are at as far as policing is concerned.

Packages and automation in risk management
August 2013, Security Services & Risk Management
A question frequently asked of insurers and other financial services providers is whether or not risk management can be packaged and, indeed, if there is a need for it.

Leaner, fitter, better resourced with higher pay
August 2013, Security Services & Risk Management
The future of the private security industry is not about the uncontrolled growth of numbers. It is about adding value to its people resource and enabling them through technology to deliver more for clients.

June 2013, News
iFacts will be hosting a People Risk Pavilion at IFSEC SA this year which will incorporate a few of its strategic partners. It will be an interactive stand with each company displaying the online services ...

People risk’s wide spectrum
May 2013, Security Services & Risk Management
In our emerging economy, the need amplifies to identify and remove the risks people pose. Today, improved technique and developments in equipment that can expose deception are making human resource management a more scientific and reliable science.

Are wars being privatised?
April 2013, News
The true cost of war is being masked by the secretive and largely unaccountable activities of a private security industry, according to a new UK study. More scary still, if such developments are left unchecked the question might seriously be asked: Are wars on the way to being privatised?

How vulnerable is your company to criminal intent?
February 2013, Security Services & Risk Management
Just when you thought it was safe to open the curtains, someone whispers: “Have you done your vulnerability assessment?” It is an unnerving moment, like being told there is an awful epidemic going around ...

We are our first line of defence
January 2013, Security Services & Risk Management, Residential Estate (Industry)
Let us be sure that we are prepared, vigilant and, most importantly, watch our neighbours’ backs.

Someone is watching me
January 2013, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring
A type of paranoia is stealthily finding its way into the workplaces of the world’s developed nations and it is all about the pros and cons, or ethics of workplace surveillance.


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