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Local or remote management
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2020, Vox , Fidelity ADT, Editor's Choice
Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked three companies well versed in offering control room services – either remote, local, or both – what’s happening in the estate monitoring and/or management market.

Coping with COVID-19
Issue 4 2020, Sentinel Risk Management, ISF SFP, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice
Hi-Tech Security Solutions spoke to four security service providers about their new business reality and how they are coping with the stringent regulations.

Where guards and technology meet
March 2019, Fidelity Services Group , Security Services & Risk Management
Many of the smart technologies coming to market aim to eliminate or at least manage the human element, but in South Africa in particular, manned guards are still ubiquitous.

Making cents out of the security mix
May 2018, Cathexis Technologies, Editor's Choice, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Cyber Security, Integrated Solutions, Financial (Industry)
Hi-Tech Security Solutions chats to industry specialists about the security mix, cybercrime and the onslaught of artificial intelligence in the financial sector.

The total cost of ownership can hurt your security budget
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2017, Axis Communications SA, SMC - Security Management Consultants, Residential Estate (Industry), Security Services & Risk Management
The purchase price is only the beginning of your security spend. The TCO tells the whole story, covering potential costs over a number of years.

Foresight and integration
July 2017, Integrated Solutions, Industrial (Industry)
Hi-Tech Security Solutions spoke to two companies about their experience in dealing with the risks industrial concerns face.

The elusive ROI and TCO
CCTV Handbook 2017, Rhyco Risk Projects, Editor's Choice, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring
Despite the complexity of a surveillance project, organisations invest a lot of money and want the assurance that their investment will not only deliver their requirements over the long term (the ROI), but that the costs over the life of the installation won’t escalate dramatically, and that it is possible to calculate a reasonable total cost of ownership (TCO) for the whole project upfront.

Serving 15 million experts
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2016 - Vol 2, Omega Risk Solutions, Editor's Choice, Security Services & Risk Management, Residential Estate (Industry)
Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked guarding companies what their take is on providing security solutions to residential estates.

The little estate that could
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2016 - Vol 2, Editor's Choice, Security Services & Risk Management, Residential Estate (Industry)
Xone addresses poor security in an estate, as well as the surrounding area, creating a professional guard force and strengthening the estate’s security processes.

Remote is lekker, or is it?
August 2016, OmniVision Security Services, Verifier, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Integrated Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management
Hi-Tech Security Solutions asks three experts about remote monitoring and the associated control room staffing.

Estate security is a complex ­process
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2016 - Vol 1, Residential Estate (Industry), Integrated Solutions, Editor's Choice
Committees often select the cheapest security provider and end up dissatisfied customers because the service provider does not live up to the initial hype.

The security nerve centre
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2016 - Vol 1, Graphic Image Technologies, Residential Estate (Industry), CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Editor's Choice
The most effective way to get value from your investment in security is to have everything monitored in a control room.


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