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Lighting up thermal imaging
CCTV Handbook 2018, Graphic Image Technologies, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring
Hi-Tech Security Solutions asks two experts about the thermal market and how it may change over the next year.

The Battle: Human vs Machine
October 2017, Editor's Choice, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring
The concept of video analytics technology is to present only the information that will require an operator’s immediate attention.

Fire suppression for server rooms
September 2017, Fire & Safety, Products
Server rooms, electrical switches and power distribution cabinets are second only to human capital, which is why effective fire suppression systems in the workplace are so important.

C3 shows off its fire skills
November 2016, Fire & Safety, Integrated Solutions
‘Industrial fire detection and suppression’ was the theme of a hugely successful event organised by C3 Shared Services in September 2016.

Intelligent fire detection for Eskom power station
September 2016, Editor's Choice, Fire & Safety, Industrial (Industry)
Eskom approached C3 Shared Services to upgrade its Mpumalanga power station, a vast entity with a generating capacity of 2100 megawatts of electricity.

What makes a good perimeter?
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2016 - Vol 1, Nemtek Electric Fencing Products, Stafix, Residential Estate (Industry), Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Editor's Choice
Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked a few experts what estates can do to secure their perimeter without resorting to military-style patrols. Is an electric fence enough?

Multi-dimensional perimeter ­security
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2015, Access Control & Identity Management, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection
Is an electric fence enough to keep the criminal element out of private and business premises or are businesses demanding additional technology?

Eskom secures mission-critical site
August 2015, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Integrated Solutions
C3 provided an efficient security system consisting of DVTEL’s Latitude video management solution (VMS) integrated with its in-house thermal technology and ioi video analytics.

Selecting a suitable system integrator
June 2015, FS Systems, Integrated Solutions
So how do successful SIs operate in a market where cheap-and-nasty is always a competitor and users are often uneducated as to what real, integrated solutions can do and cost.

Technology secures estate and surrounds
April 2015, Integrated Solutions
C3 provided Blue Valley Golf and Country Estate with an intelligent video and thermal perimeter security system that was implemented in four phases.

Maintenance is essential
CCTV Handbook 2015, Tyco Security Products - Johnson Controls, Integrated Solutions
Hi-Tech Security Solutions asks what the optimal maintenance solution is, what should it cost and what should be part of a maintenance plan and/or a long-term SLA.

C3 secures place in the sun
November 2014, Integrated Solutions, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring
C3 Shared Services was commissioned to design and install an intelligent video-based surveillance system to protect the Soutpan Solar Park project in Polokwane from theft of valuable capital equipment.


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