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Access and identity in 2024
SMART Access & Identity 2024, Technews Publishing, Gallagher, HID Global, IDEMIA , Ideco Biometrics, Enkulu Technologies, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions
SMART Security Solutions hosted a round table discussion with various players in the access and identity market, to find out what they experienced in the last year, as well as their expectations for 2024.

The promise of mobile credentials
SMART Access & Identity 2024, Technews Publishing, Suprema, HID Global, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management, IoT & Automation
SMART Security Solutions examines the advantages and disadvantages of mobile credentials in a market dominated by cards and fobs, in which biometrics is viewed as a secure alternative.

Securing easy access
Issue 8 2023, Suprema, Access Control & Identity Management
Securing access to hospitals and healthcare institutions presents a unique set of challenges, because these facilities operate 24/7, have highly ‘open’ access in public areas and require a strict level of security.

A look at visitor management
SMART Estate Security 2023, Technews Publishing, Entry Pro, Editor's Choice
Managing visitors is one of the tasks estate security has been doing for years and will have to continue doing for the foreseeable future. SMART Security Solutions asked neaMetrics and Entry Pro what their latest solution offerings are.

‘Unlosable’ identity
SMART Mining Security Solutions 2023, Technews Publishing, IDEMIA , Suprema, Access Control & Identity Management, Mining (Industry), Products & Solutions
Far from the days when clocking in with cards was the norm, along with buddy clocking and the easy ways in which these systems could be scammed, biometrics has changed the game with respect to identification.

The state of the biometrics market
SMART Access & Identity 2023, Technews Publishing, Suprema, Hikvision South Africa, IDEMIA , Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions
Now that the pandemic is over (hopefully), will we see the same confidence in biometrics for access and identification or will the world be reverting to touch-based systems, including cards and fobs (or mobiles).

Migrating to mobile
SMART Access & Identity 2023, Technews Publishing, Suprema, Advanced ID Solutions, Editor's Choice
The ability to use mobile phones as access control credentials has been with us for a long time, yet only 32% of companies use them, and many only for specific use cases.

Suprema launches BioStation 3
Issue 7 2022, Suprema, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management, News & Events, Products & Solutions
Suprema has launched BioStation 3, a contactless access control terminal specialised for facial recognition in the post-Covid era.

Cash management with biometrics
Issue 3 2022, Suprema, Financial (Industry)
By integrating biometrics into cash handling solutions, the risks that cash is exposed to, including fraud, theft and unintentional loss, can be mitigated.

Touchless school access control
Issue 2 2022, Suprema, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions, Education (Industry), Products & Solutions
Wolverhampton Grammar School deployed a Suprema access control solution, integrated with Paxton to resolve its legacy access control challenges.

The evolution of visitor management
Residential Security Handbook 2022: SMART Estate Living , Technews Publishing, Entry Pro, Residential Estate (Industry)
Hi-Tech Security Solutions takes a look at the latest technology and trends in visitor management for residential estates.

The supply chain pandemic
Issue 1 2022, Access and Beyond, XtraVision, G4S Secure Solutions SA, Suprema, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, News & Events, Security Services & Risk Management, Logistics (Industry)
Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked a few people in the security business to tell us how the supply chain woes have impacted their business.


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