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Managing staff effectively
September 2019, dormakaba South Africa, Integrated Solutions, Access Control & Identity Management
Workforce management solutions allow organisations to track the relationship between productivity and the cost of employment, incorporating issues such as health and safety, T&A, rostering and more.

Is everything-as-a-service worth it?
April 2019, Verifier, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Integrated Solutions
Security-as-a-service seems like a good idea to reduce technology and labour expenses. Hi-Tech Security Solutions find out more.

The kids are alright
August 2017, Nemtek Electric Fencing Products, Inhep Electronics Holdings, Turnstar Systems, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Asset Management, EAS, RFID, Integrated Solutions
While there is no getting around the fact that South Africa’s manufacturing sector faces myriad modern obstacles and challenges, it can be considered a mark of pride that the security sector consistently bucks the trend.

Throwing the book at visitor management
June 2017, neaMetrics, Access Control & Identity Management, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Integrated Solutions
There are a number of portable devices that can be used to replace the visitors’ book, all of which offer a heightened level of security and accuracy.

Privacy and visitor management
April 2016, Impro Technologies, Ideco Biometrics, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management, Cyber Security, Integrated Solutions, IT infrastructure
The right to privacy and the guarantee thereof is becoming more important in visitor management, and penalties for neglecting this issue will soon be enforceable.

Faster, easier, cheaper and more reliable than ever
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2015, Suprema, ViRDI Distribution SA, ZKTeco, IDEMIA , Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management
To find out more about the state of biometrics and for a glimpse into the near future, Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked a few experts for their take on this thriving industry.

To Africa and beyond
May 2014, Impro Technologies, News
What do local manufacturers do when faced by tough competition from international vendors who seem to have everything going for them, from quality of products through to brand recognition and acceptance, as well as cost?

How integrated is commercial security?
April 2014, Bidvest Protea Coin, Westcon-Comstor Sub-Saharan Africa, Retail (Industry)
Frustration over disparate security and building management systems is driving commercial operations to consider the advantages of integrating everything on one platform. The level of integration depends primarily on the budgetary constraints and integration savvy of the end users. And let’s not forget the onus of complying with the PoPI Act.

Integrate visitor management and access control
April 2014, Access Control & Identity Management
One of the crucial aspects of commercial security is visitor management. Hi-Tech Security Solutions approached Gary Chalmers, CEO of iPulse, to find out who’s doing what and how visitor management has evolved from the tattered old visitor’s book that Superman filled in many times each day.

Visiting PoPI, improved training
January 2014, Security Services & Risk Management
Hi-Tech Security Solutions talks to Gary Chalmers about what the security industry can expect in 2014 – the year The Protection of Personal Information Act hits home.

Maturing security market requires value add
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2014, Access Control & Identity Management
Gary Chalmers, CEO of iPulse Systems, spoke to Hi-Tech Security Solutions about the changes he sees the security industry, and specifically the access control industry going through, which are similar to the changes the IT industry went through about 10 years ago.

Tjaart Bester
July 2013, News
Tjaart Bester joined the team at iPulse Systems in February this year. He is in his final year of studies at the University of Pretoria, studying his Bachelors in Electronic Engineering. He works part ...


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