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Putting cyber into surveillance
SMART Surveillance 2024, Dallmeier Electronic Southern Africa , Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice
Cybersecurity has become an essential part of the physical security industry. However, unlike other IoT technologies, of which security products are a part, surveillance technologies have more to protect.

Surveillance and cybersecurity
SMART Surveillance 2024, Information Security
Whether your business runs a security system with a handful of cameras or it is an enterprise company with thousands of cameras monitoring sites across a multinational organisation, you must pay attention to cybersecurity.

Optimise operations in healthcare
Issue 8 2023, Integrated Solutions
Hospitals can see thousands of people gathering daily to provide medical care, seek help, visit loved ones, or undertake essential support or administrative work. Protecting everyone is critical to maintaining a safe environment.

Considerations for false alarm AI systems
SMART Surveillance 2023, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, Integrated Solutions
The number of false alarms advanced analytics flag as real events can weigh down operators in the control room as most of their time is spent dealing with alerts, only to classify them as false alarms.

Delivering value beyond video
SMART Surveillance 2023, Surveillance, Integrated Solutions
The efficiency of a VMS lies in how effectively it provides a return on investment, going beyond surveillance to deliver solutions that address operational challenges, protect assets and boost productivity.

One solution for swift, satisfactory response
Issue 2/3 2023, Surveillance, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection
CathexisVision’s continually evolving analytics suite offers a range of customable detection and alarm offerings to cover all security events, no matter the market.

Cathexis demonstrates its ‘effective innovation’
Issue 7 2022, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, News & Events, Integrated Solutions
Cathexis Africa recently held a roadshow with a stop in Johannesburg where Hi-Tech Security Solutions was invited to attend, along with many of the company’s partners and users.

Kyalami Estates residents enjoy peace of mind from CathexisVision
Residential Security Handbook 2022: SMART Living , Editor's Choice
With 16 parks, 5&nbspdams, 994&nbsphouses, and thousands of residents and visitors within the the estate’s 8 km perimeter, protecting Kyalami Estates required a solution that centralised the management of multiple cameras and integrated devices.

Branches and roots
Issue 4 2022, Surveillance
Cathexis is a locally owned South African company where development engineers in the Durban office continue to innovate and improve the company’s video surveillance management systems.

Cathexis releases Carbon, a new user-friendly GUI
Issue 4 2022, News & Events, Surveillance
Cathexis has launched its latest user interface, Carbon 3.1, with an enhanced feature set, offering improved performance.

Tracking surveillance into the future
CCTV Handbook 2022, Technews Publishing, Bosch Building Technologies, Axis Communications SA, Arteco Global Africa, G4S Secure Solutions SA, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, Integrated Solutions
Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked six industry experts to join us around a table to discuss the state of the surveillance industry and where it is going.

Protecting people and infrastructure
Issue 2 2022, Education (Industry)
Effective security and infrastructure management enhances every aspect of an educational facility. Students and staff can prioritise their educational and operational goals because they trust that the ...


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