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Access and identity in 2024
SMART Access & Identity 2024, Technews Publishing, Gallagher, HID Global, IDEMIA , Enkulu Technologies, neaMetrics, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions
SMART Security Solutions hosted a round table discussion with various players in the access and identity market, to find out what they experienced in the last year, as well as their expectations for 2024.

IDEMIA and Ideco demonstrate their value stacks
Issue 5 2022, Technews Publishing, IDEMIA , Conferences & Events, Access Control & Identity Management, News & Events
Ideco and IDEMIA recently hosted a travelling show where attendees were given an update on the companies, as well as the full value stack they offer.

BiometriX Round Table 2021
Issue 7 2021, IDEMIA , Suprema, G4S Secure Solutions SA, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management
The biometrics market of the future will be ‘touchless’ and ‘touch’, but more importantly, will be integrated into a wide range of services that reach more of our lives than ever before.

Advances in UV technology for biometric disinfection
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2021, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice
Ideco Biometrics has a new solution for disinfecting biometric sensors by using ultraviolet technologies to destroy most known viruses and bacteria.

Steps to successful biometric implementation
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2020, Access Control & Identity Management
Biometrics can provide the organisation with an intelligent balance of security and convenience if implemented and managed correctly.

The brave new world of biometric identification and passport-less travel
February 2019, Access Control & Identity Management
Sydney Airport is currently running a facial recognition programme that allows passengers to enjoy smooth sailing through their airport gates without the need to fish out their passport even once.

Surveillance evolves as cameras get a brain
November 2018, Access Control & Identity Management
Advanced new facial recognition technology is giving ordinary surveillance systems the ability to learn, analyse what cameras see, conduct market research and even proactively mitigate risk.

Securex 2018 Official Event Guide, Surveillance
Softcon brings you something new and fresh. For years Softcon has been a stable and reliable system, trusted by hundreds of high-level installers and end users. This year’s Securex will bring you something ...

New version of EVIM released
April 2018, Access Control & Identity Management, Products & Solutions
Ideco has announced an upgrade to its cloud and mobile-enabled Electronic Visitor Identity Management (EVIM) solution, offering visitor management and compliance available to even the smallest sites.

Ideco allows you to own your own identity
October 2017, News & Events
Ideco launches advanced identity verification ecosystem that speeds verification via mobile phones.

New head for Technology Innovation Expert Group
August 2017, News & Events, Access Control & Identity Management
Ideco Biometric Security Solutions’ director Francois Vermeulen has been appointed as the new head of the Technology Innovation Expert Group for the Biometric Institute.

Managing visitors and contractors
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2017, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions, Infrastructure
Accessing gated communities and campuses, be it business, government or residential, has become a key point for newer access control technologies.


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