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Creating smarter government IDs
August 2019, Access Control & Identity Management
The adoption of biometric identification solutions in the creation of smarter government IDs is a process requiring various steps which should ideally enhance the experience of all users.

Prevention is better, and cheaper
August 2017, J2 Software, Editor's Choice, Cyber Security, Integrated Solutions, Healthcare (Industry)
Securing healthcare data across the ecosystem will not only prevent fraud, it will also improve service delivery in the public and private sectors.

Simple and fast visitor management
April 2017, Access Control & Identity Management, Products
HID Global has announced its new EasyLobby Solo visitor management system for small- to medium-sized organisations seeking a simple yet robust solution to automate managing the daily flow of visitors.

Time to upgrade your access?
March 2017, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management
Jaroslav Barton asks if it isn’t already time for you to upgrade your access control system?

HID Global’s top trends for 2017
February 2017, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions
HID Global forecasts a shift in the use of identity technology that will lead to increased adoption of mobile devices and the latest smartcard technology, a greater emphasis and reliance on the cloud, and a radical new way of thinking of trust.

Biometric speed enhancements
November 2016, News, Access Control & Identity Management, Products
HID Global increases speed, performance and accuracy of its Lumidigm V-series biometrics solutions to enhance the user experience.

V-Series V371 fingerprint reader
November 2016, Access Control & Identity Management
The HID Global Lumidigm V371 reader combines the Lumidigm V-Series fingerprint sensor family and contactless OMNIKEY RF technology into a single, integrated unit.

Protecting against criminal use of stolen biometric data
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2017, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions
Biometric technology is not invulnerable, but with the correct planning it is an effective authentication mechanism that binds a myriad of digital and physical credentials to a person.

Smart, one-card student ID
June 2016, Access Control & Identity Management, Products
University migrates student ID cards to a more secure and useful platform with Seos smartcards from HID Global.

ID on your phone
May 2016, Access Control & Identity Management, Products
HID Global announced it has entered the market for mobile citizen IDs that can be carried on smartphones. The HID goID platform for mobile IDs enables driver’s licences and other government IDs to be ...

Securing identity in 2016
February 2016, Access Control & Identity Management, News
HID Global has identified security trends to watch in 2016 based on its insights gained from top customers across numerous markets, along with pilots and deployments of the company’s latest solutions.

Access via mobile
January 2016, Products, Access Control & Identity Management
HID Mobile Access merges security and convenience at the door by turning smartphones and other mobile devices into trusted, easy-to-use credentials that can replace keys and smart cards.


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