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Perimeter and open spaces protection
SMART Mining Security Solutions 2024, Mining (Industry)
SMART Security Solutions spoke to Nick Grange and Theuns van Schalkwyk from XtraVision about its perimeter solution, one that has been applied in mines (and other industries) in Africa and South America.

A constant armed struggle
SMART Mining Security Solutions 2024, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Integrated Solutions, Mining (Industry), IoT & Automation
SMART Security Solutions asked a few people involved in servicing mines to join us for a virtual round table and give us their insights into mine security today. A podcast of the discussion will be released shortly-stay tuned.

Integrated guarding services
Issue 4 2023, Integrated Solutions, Access Control & Identity Management, Industrial (Industry)
XtraVision offers a few tips on how to go about planning and setting up an integrated approach to sustainable and successful security services, from the initial risk assessment to the technology and people required.

Protecting perimeters and open spaces
SMART Mining Security Solutions 2023, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection
XtraVision provides some insight into the use of drone technology with the SAMM Fotas fibre detection systems to secure perimeters and other remote assets and locations.

More than saying hello
SMART Access & Identity 2023, Technews Publishing, TOA Electronics, Access Control & Identity Management
Are we seeing an increase in market demand for video intercoms, and more user control through management functionality on mobile apps?

The technology behind Distributed Acoustic Sensing
SMART Access & Identity 2023, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Access Control & Identity Management, Products & Solutions
FOTAS is a fibre optic based Distributed Acoustic Sensor; the solution is a combination of optics, electronics, and computer science, which together make this device as effective as it is.

CIAS chosen for complex perimeters
Issue 8 2022, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection
The challenge was to guarantee the ROI (return on investment) based on the technological amortization of at least 10 years of service, right from the design phase.

XtraVision Facilitates Integration
Issue 8 2022, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection
XtraVision, a global distributor of SAMM FOTAS DAS fibre intrusion detection technology and ARTECO Video Even Management Software, in the South African, African, and South American regions, has recently facilitated the integration between the two manufacturers.

Perimeter risks and solutions
Residential Security Handbook 2022: SMART Living , Technews Publishing, Nemtek Electric Fencing Products, Stafix, Editor's Choice
Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked three local providers of perimeter security solutions for their input on what the risks and solutions are that estates are using, or could be using, in defending their residents today.

Edge or server analytics
Issue 2 2022, Surveillance
Understanding your requirements and the technology’s capabilities is paramount in making effective decisions as to whether your surveillance system required edge or server analytics, or a combination of both.

Perimeter security planning
Residential Security Handbook 2022: SMART Estate Living , Residential Estate (Industry), Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection
Nick Grange, MD of XtraVision, provides insight into the design aspects and technology solutions to effectively ensure your estate’s perimeter is secure.

The supply chain pandemic
Issue 1 2022, neaMetrics, Access and Beyond, G4S Secure Solutions SA, Suprema, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, News & Events, Security Services & Risk Management, Logistics (Industry)
Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked a few people in the security business to tell us how the supply chain woes have impacted their business.


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