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Maintaining security and CCTV functions in difficult economic times
Issue 4 2022, Editor's Choice, Surveillance
To avoid being seen as “just another overhead”, Dr Craig Donald says security needs to demonstrate its relevance and importance to organisational survival.

The impact of AI-enhanced video analytics on control room personnel
CCTV Handbook 2022, Editor's Choice, Surveillance
What impact do AI-capable detection systems have on control room staff, and do they mean a change in the demands on operators and the type of people you have in the control room?

The supervisor role in control rooms
Issue 3 2022, Editor's Choice, Surveillance
The control room supervisor role is not a simple task of making sure that all the staff are present and appear to be performing their duties.

Why companies do CCTV control room surveillance training
Issue 2 2022, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, Training & Education
When it comes to getting resources for untapping the potential of people to realise their competencies and unlock the capacities of the systems they use, security personnel are often poor neighbours to other organisational departments.

Training that delivers
Issue 8 2021, Technews Publishing, ESDA(Electronic Security Distributors Association), BTC Training Africa, Editor's Choice, Security Services & Risk Management, Conferences & Events, Training & Education
Hi-Tech Security Solutions hosted a virtual conversation to address the challenges and solutions related to effective and measurable training and education in the security industry.

Licence to operate and social legitimacy
Issue 7 2021, Editor's Choice, Security Services & Risk Management
Unlike a grant of permission to undertake a trade or carry out a business activity subject to regulation or supervision by the licencing authority, the social licence to operate rests in a moral legitimacy.

Leveraging intelligence for surveillance
Issue 6 2021, Editor's Choice, Surveillance
Have companies seized the opportunities to complement and enhance the capabilities of both CCTV surveillance and that of intelligence gathering to gain strategic and operational insights?

Viewer’s bias
Issue 5 2021, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, Security Services & Risk Management
There is potential in any situation for different interpretations of behaviour and conditions of interaction and the less that people are trained in their interpretation process, the more potential there is for something to go wrong.

Skills in CCTV camera operations
Issue 4 2021, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, Security Services & Risk Management
I also come across some delegates who are simply outstanding in their ability to understand and apply the concepts, or who identify potential suspects through a natural feel for criminal behaviour. Early ...

Practical testing issues
CCTV Handbook 2021, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, Integrated Solutions
Dr Craig Donald discusses practical site testing issues and questions to ask when buying new CCTV systems.

Beyond recognising faces
Issue 1 2021, Surveillance
What is the role of CCTV in identification when you can’t identify people’s faces due to everyone wearing a mask? The fact that one can identify the face of a person who has been on the scene has always been an essential part of evidence generation that helps catch and convict criminals.

Enhancing control room effectiveness
Issue 2 2021, Editor's Choice, Surveillance
Dr Craig Donald says we need AI or analytics that works seamlessly, instantly, with minimum operator involvement to produce relevant information to augment human decision-making.


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