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Perspectives on personal care monitoring and smart surveillance
SMART Surveillance 2024, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, Smart Home Automation, IoT & Automation
Dr Craig Donald believes smart surveillance offers a range of options for monitoring loved ones, but making the right choice is not always as simple as selecting the latest technology.

Enhance control rooms with surveillance and intelligence
SMART Mining Security Solutions 2024, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, Mining (Industry)
Dr Craig Donald advocates the use of intelligence and smart surveillance to assist control rooms in dealing with the challenges of the size and dispersed nature common in all mining environments.

The human factor side of video management systems
Issue 8 2023, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, Security Services & Risk Management
A video management system (VMS) is central to, and the most vital element to any control room operation using CCTV as part of its service delivery, however, all too often, it is seen as a technical solution rather than an operational solution.

Supporting CCTV intelligence with small and big data
Issue 6 2023, Editor's Choice, Surveillance
The increasing development of AI and its role in enhancing investigation-led surveillance, and the increasing capacity of control rooms and local analysts to deliver data in return, can increase the synergy between intelligence and surveillance.

Expanding focus leads to even greater effectiveness
Issue 5 2023, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, Security Services & Risk Management
Dr Craig Donald says expanding stakeholder involvement beyond security to operations and production leads to greater control room surveillance effectiveness and the potential of additional budgets from other departments.

Smart systems need smart people to work
SMART Surveillance 2023, Editor's Choice, Surveillance
With the use of the AI term and adverts talking about intelligent systems and learning, it seems from the marketing narratives, we can almost hand over much of control room security to AI based systems.

The importance of the operator’s frame of reference
SMART Mining Security Solutions 2023, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, Security Services & Risk Management, Mining (Industry)
The better the operator’s frame of reference and situational awareness, and the more informed they are in dealing with CCTV surveillance in the mining industry, the more successful they are likely to be in surveillance.

The importance of CCTV for internal perimeter protection
Issue 2/3 2023, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection
Constant violations of procedures governing access, unusual handling of goods, empty boxes or containers of product lying around or hidden behind other goods, unauthorised use of exit areas, and movement to unexpected perimeter areas can be a major issue.

Developing an effective CCTV control room culture
Issue 1 2023, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, Training & Education
Organisational culture in organisations can be seen as the set of values, practices, focus, standards and behaviours, and ways of interacting with others that are accepted and subscribed to by the people who work there.

Surveillance solutionism is not a solution
Issue 7 2022, Editor's Choice, Surveillance
The concept of surveillance solutionism has been used more broadly in the context of other types of surveillance, including the monitoring of people using technology, apps, social media, as well as AI-enabled technology.

The technology wave implications for staff mismatches in control rooms
Issue 6 2022, Editor's Choice, Security Services & Risk Management
An industry habit of looking at control rooms through a physical security lens has increasingly left clients and staff at a disadvantage in keeping up with control room technology and demands.

Security risk and the sum of small things
Residential Security Handbook 2022: SMART Living , Editor's Choice, Integrated Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management, Residential Estate (Industry)
Dr Craig Donald advises that the small things we often write off as unimportant can quickly scale to become serious threats to security and safety.


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