Biometrics Selection Guide 2017

Access & Identity Management Handbook 2017 Biometrics Selection Guide

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Biometric Technology: Finger

Manufacturer/Brand name: Impro Technologies

Distributor/Supplier: Access & BeyondElvey Security TechnologiesPowell Tronics

Device: BMTA – Biometric Multi-discipline Time and Attendance reader

Description: The BMTA is a compact biometric time and attendance solution that supports finger, tag and PIN. The BMTA seamlessly integrates with all Impro systems, from IXP220 and IXP400i, to the pioneering Access Portal range. Features include door mode patterns and advanced messaging, as well as the ability to read a multitude of tag types.

Application:* Access control, time and attendance, identification and verification.

Integration support:* Fully supported by Impro Technologies, various integration options.

Contact: Mike Kidson

Tel: +27 (0)11 469 5568

Biometric Technology: Biometric and RFID

Manufacturer/Brand name: ATOM by Powell Tronics

Distributor/Supplier: Powell Tronics

Device: ATOM

Description: Capitalising on the innovations of Safran Morpho and Impro biometric identification technologies, ATOM time and attendance and biometric management solutions are designed to complement the efficiency of biometrics with the added benefits of web-based employee time management. ATOM caters for mobile enrolment and clocking solutions for remote sites.

Application:* Time and attendance.

Integration support:* Morpho Biometrics, Impro Access Control, Payroll interfaces.

Contact: Mike Austen

Tel: 086 17872537

Biometric Technology: Fingerprint, vein, facial

Manufacturer/Brand name: Safran Morpho

Distributor/Supplier: Powell Tronics

Device: Safran Morpho

Description: Biometric terminals that set the standard in identification and verification, multimodal technologies such as finger vein, facial 3D recognition, finger SIGMA interactive and the portable Morpho tablet. All proudly distributed by Powell Tronics with numerous value-added bespoke solutions throughout SA and Africa.

Application:* Biometric terminals for access and T&A.

Integration support:* Various integration options

Contact: Mike Austen

Tel: 0861 787 2537

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