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October 2014 Biometrics Selection Guide

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Biometric Technology: Fingerprint

Manufacturer/Brand name: CEM Systems

Distributor/Supplier: Tyco Security Products

Device: S610f Fingerprint Reader

Description: The S610f is part of CEM’s S610 intelligent card reader range. The S610f features a keypad for optional PIN security, a backlit LCD which displays reader messages such as ‘Wrong Zone’, ‘Lost/ Stolen Card’ and an internal database which provides full off-line validation at the door at all times. In addition, the S610f features a fully integrated biometric module for fingerprint biometric verification. The S610f fingerprint reader meets requirements for three stage identity authentication (card, PIN and biometric verification), making it ideal for areas which require the highest level of security.


* The S610f is ideal for any site with a requirement for flexible biometric access control. Fingerprint and PIN verification can be deactivated when not required and activated to provide two- or three- stage authentication depending on the needs of the site.

Integration support:

* S610f is an integrated fingerprint solution with fingerprints being captured and enrolled on the AC2000 system at the same time as card personnel details are captured.

Contact: Ernest Mallet

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