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October 2014 Biometrics Selection Guide

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Biometric Technology: Portable biometric and LDS scanning

Manufacturer/Brand name: Powell Tronics

Distributor/Supplier: Powell Tronics

Device: Portable Biometrics

Description: PT guest – Now with bio-enrolment and driver’s licence scanning. It also allows authorised tenants or residents to request a Personal Access Code (PAC) via SMS or a Web interface for their visitors to use on keypad readers at key entry points on entry. These PAC codes are valid for a specified time to cater for prescheduled visits but will only be valid for a single entry and exit. The visitor details and PAC numbers are automatically entered into the ImproNet database for transactional history reporting.


* Portable biometrics for visitor management or other portable applications.

Integration support:

* Fully supported and developed by Powell Tronics in-house development.

Contact: Mike Austen

Tel: 0861 PT SALES

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