Chubb secures Lombardy estate

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Full security solution keeps estate crime free.

Chubb Integrated Systems, a division of Chubb Security South Africa, recently completed a multifaceted security system comprising a closed circuit television (CCTV) and access control system for upmarket residential estate and health spa, Lombardy Estate. Chubb Security is a business of UTC Fire & Security.

Situated in Pretoria, the estate offers its residents a designer lifestyle in a natural setting. The estate also includes a five star boutique hotel, numerous restaurants as well as a function centre. Developers of the estate, Kuwait-based Kharafi Holdings, whose operations span the globe, have their regional offices in Pretoria.


Neil Galatis, operations director at Chubb Integrated Systems (CIS) said their brief from the developers was to “provide a world-class security solution offering total peace of mind to its residents.

“The CCTV system that we have installed around the perimeter of the estate consists of multiple high-speed pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) dome cameras, all with remote directional and zoom control. The main gate is monitored by static cameras that record the registration plates of every vehicle entering and exiting the estate whilst the pedestrian entrance and exit point is also monitored by cameras,” he said.

CIS also recommended and installed a buried sensor cable to detect human movement in any of the secure zones. A covert perimeter intrusion detection sensor generates an invisible electromagnetic field around the buried sensor cables. “If an intruder disturbs the field, an alarm, linked to the estate’s control room, via a fibre-optic cable, is triggered,” said Galatis.

Additionally, each zone is monitored by high-speed dome cameras. An operator is able to monitor and assess each zone in the event of a security breach. All activity is then linked back to and recorded on the security system. The cable itself is monitored for any failures that may occur as a result of power outages or fibre damage.

Access control

CIS also provided and installed the estate’s access control system. Protected by Lenel OnGuard, all entry and exit points are monitored and secured by fingerprint readers, as well as vehicle barriers and the pedestrian points are protected by full height turnstiles. These entry and exit points are also linked to the CCTV system that records and stores video clip of any specific event. All cameras record activities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are backed up on a daily basis.

“All the perimeter alarms are monitored by this single system enabling the operator to focus his attention on a single monitor. An on-site operator within Lombardy Estate monitors the cameras at all times,” said Galatis.

Specially designed safes house all recorders as well as the access control server. Any breach or attempt to access the safes, or system failures, is picked up by the control room operators who are stationed on site.

For more information contact Chubb Integrated Systems, +27 (0)11 458 9418,

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