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September 2008 Products

Integra-set, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIT Holdings BV (AIT), is a local developer, distributor and implementer of security and asset protection products. Unlike its competitors, Integra-set does not simply import and distribute international products, but develops its own technology with the needs of the South African market in mind.

Founded by Mike Victor, the company considers itself a technology innovator, providing everything from active RFID asset tagging and tracking, to perimeter defence and early warning solutions using what it terms 'intelligent electronics'. Its go-to-market is based on partnerships with companies focused on delivering holistic asset protection solutions, superior technical expertise, quality installations and seamless systems integration.

To maintain its record of quality product development, Integra-set's Drew Richards says the company strives to employ the right calibre of people. "We employ passionate people, who understand the term 'imagineering' and provide our clients with superior technical expertise that matches and enhances our superior products."

Integra-set is always actively involved in the planning, implementation and maintenance of all its intelligent electronic products, ensuring an integrated solution that is virtually unique for each client is delivered every time. This is made possible by combining Integra-set's technological proficiency with industry-leading systems integration partnerships, empowering the company to deliver high levels of expertise in a variety of vertical markets.

While the company employs skilled people involved in perfecting complex technologies, it always ensures its final products are designed to be used by people of any skill level. "The unique algorithms in Integra-set's active RFID products, for example, have set the bar at a level that competitors struggle to match. The artificial neural network technology used in our early warning systems processes information at the rate of over 400 000 000 transactions per second," adds Richards. "Additionally, the operating software of any of our products can interface with most management software packages. All our systems are user friendly and versatile, designed to make the lives of our customers easier."

Locally developed technologies

In the radio frequency identification (RFID) field, the company has invested 12 years into researching and developing one of the world's most advanced active RFID offerings, a product that has gained acceptance from some of the world's leading corporations. In the perimeter security field, Integra-set's intelligent, electrified palisade is an intelligent perimeter system that is durable and easy on the eye. Moreover, the Electrisade fence offers early warning capabilities and the possibility of full electrification.

The company has also produced an early warning system, the Nedsis EWS. This system uses artificial neural network technology to analyse unique signals created by any attempt to breach a perimeter, providing a knowledge-based solution that eliminates false alarms.

Integra-set's Nedsis EWS is sensor independent, allowing it to be used with fibre-optic, active and passive infrared, microwave, taut wire and vibration sensors. The Nedsis system consists of main and/or slave processors that interface with the operator, run the Nedsis Spotter software and communicate with the field processors. Slave processors can be added for further redundancy and the system is easily integrated with third-party equipment like CCTV.

The Nedsis Spotter software includes the operator management, artificial intelligence programmes and application software for polling and controlling of field processor units and I/O cards. It also displays all fibre-optic and other sensor zones.

The Spotter software provides a full graphical site-specific mimic map that displays all perimeter zones and individual alarm status. This allows for operator event type identity and location. Following an event or alarm, the security operator is forced to open a cause and action window that tells him exactly what to do, and/or the system automatically carries out a predetermined set of actions. The cause and action window reports on what action was taken by the security operator and provides for full management and accountability reporting.

Integra-set's Nedsis EWS has been designed for a multitude of application and installation possibilities using single or multiple sensor types. It can be used on new or existing perimeters to sense virtually any breach. Climbing over, digging under, breaking through or even trying to walk around your perimeter becomes virtually impossible. Nedsis can be installed on any existing brick, palisade, electric, chain-link or weld-mesh fence. It can be used to protect pipelines, underground cabling, vaults, roofs and a host of other fixed assets.

Integra-set's current work on fibre early warning systems is putting the company in the lead when it comes to detecting, sorting and identifying signals. Richards says alarms raised through Nedsis EWS will definitely be caused by real intrusions and not wind or trees. The software is finely tuned to detect and ignore irrelevant signals and react immediately to known or unknown signals. The final solution will be technologically ahead of the best in the business, as will the implementation when combined with Integra-set's selected integration partners.

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