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May 2008 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Forensic Security Solutions is an installer in Windhoek, Namibia, that specialises in risk control consultancy and technological installation services.

The company was commissioned by petrol and convenience retailer Caltex to put together a security solution for its Namibian division that would deter theft and attacks on customers.

"Being one of our biggest installation projects we needed a supplier with the highest quality products, and Elvey Security Technologies (Elvey) was the best candidate for the job," says Johan Lepen, Forensic Security's technical manager. Elvey's Windhoek sales manager Doris Gladis, who has been in the security industry for the past 14 years and has completed two Tavcom CCTV training courses, was asked to oversee the entire project.

The challenges

"With a constant surge of customers filling up or purchasing at the Star Mart 24 hours a day and staff members continuously moving, Caltex was faced with a variety of challenges that included service attendees stealing petrol by pouring it into canisters while assisting customers; clients being attacked at night; consumers using company cards to steal petrol; people stealing oil cans; and shoplifting which all led to loss of income," says Gladis.

The solution

The security solution was completely designed around CCTV surveillance as the petrol station was using a security guard. "We advised the customer that CCTV equipment would be the best solution as it would function as a protection and management tool," explains Gladis.

"As it was quite a sizable site, the challenge was locating proper equipment at the best possible place to have a clear view of the pump, the entire vehicle and the counters," says Lepen.

The application consisted of a variety of cameras from Samsung Electronics, such as colour fixed- and varifocal dome cameras and 22x zoom cameras. The SCC-B5352P three-axis dome camera has the ability to rotate 340° horizontally and up to 90° vertically, allowing a full view of the entire area. The design of the domes makes for easier installation in difficult areas such as walls and inclined surfaces. The covers on the domes are highly resistant to external shock, protecting them from willful acts of vandalism.

The garage needed a camera with a day and night feature. Day and night cameras can automatically switch to colour mode during the day and to black and white (B/W) at night for optimal 24/7 surveillance. The SCC-C4203AP 22x zoom camera makes it easy to identify objects at a distance.

The result

The project was a great success as the initial goals that were sought after were attained, the customer was provided with high quality products and cost effective solutions that curbed financial losses and ensured customer and staff safety. "They were extremely impressed by the quality of the video achieved from the zoom camera," says Lepen.

"The venture served as a pilot project to systematically upgrade existing systems at other filling stations around Namibia using the same installer and supplier," Gladis adds.

Big projects such as these have their own unforeseen challenges such as insufficient equipment. Installers should make provision for extra equipment to prevent unnecessary cost and use local suppliers to avoid delaying the project.

Fact file

Service provider

Forensic Security Solutions, +264 61 236 941

Product supplier

Elvey Security Technologies, +27 (0)11 401 6700,,


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