Securex 2000 Review

March/April 2000 Products

Marshall International

Marshall International exhibited products from the following vendors at Securex 2000.

Audiotel World leaders in counter measures equipment such as Scanlock, Broom & others. Marshall International also presented its "Stop the Buggist" training courses in Johannesburg.

Surlec Miniature and Pinhole video cameras and accessories, TEL-800 Telephone Tap Defeater, LCD Video monitors and TEL-AN1 Counter measures cable tester.

A wide range of special lenses including zoom pinhole lenses for use with C-mount and CS-mount video cameras

Silent Witness . A range of above average quality video cameras. These include the new SWC-40 with built-in motion detector, back light compensation, alarm triggers and internal digital video recorder. Other models include armour plate, bullet resistant and weather proof/rust proof cameras.

Top Optic - Fibre-optic inspection equipment.

Optex UK - Specialised video lenses and night vision intensifiers.

Omnibase - Portable digital recorders with built-in multiplexer.

Samsung & SIMS - Digital portable audio recorders with up to 8 h recording capabilities.

CCTV and other video surveillance equipment.

Sony GVA-500E with radio remote controller.

For details contact Harold Marshall on telephone: (011) 622 3660, fax: (011) 622 2520, e-mail: or visit

The function of is to act as a switching station, in other words, provide a one-stop shop for similar or industry-segment related websites. Companies with websites (whether designed and hosted by or not) pay a modest fee to link through to one central point where the emphasis is on providing an easy-to-use framework for industry and, more importantly, on getting as many users to the site as possible.

As the definitive site for the South African security Industry, many high calibre security companies are linked or hosted at the Virtual Office Park, providing a unique three-dimensional promotional opportunity.

The site was voted as the "Editors Choice" on the Game Site of the Week; nominated for the "International Gold Star Award for Quality" by the Business Initiative Directions and JBAN Group; and awarded the "1999-2000 Golden Web Award" provided by The International Association of Web Masters & Designers.

A free security classified database that offers any security company the opportunity to list their details and services was recently added to the site. This facility offers visitors to the site comprehensive information regarding the players in the security industry. Companies that link or host their sites with will shortly have their entries linked from the database to their web sites as an added value service.

GSC introduces combined access control and asset protection

GSC Systems has introduced its eagerly awaited Asset Tracking and Asset Protection solution at Securex 2000. ProxNet, GSC's proximity access control system, which recently received the ESDA "Product of the Year 2000" award was, for the first time, exhibited with a beta version of its latest "Asset Tracking and Asset Protection" facility.

Using the Link-It Tag and Reader radio frequency technology from AIT (Automated Identification Technologies), the protection and tracking of valuable assets, people and vehicles in virtually any environment is now a cost-effective reality.

For details contact GSC Systems on tel: (021) 712 5130, fax (021) 712 5743 or e-mail:


Steve Smith

"As on old hand at exhibitions, it was a pleasure to exhibit at Securex 2000 in Johannesburg in March 2000," says ISM 's Steve Smith. "People tend to classify enquiries at exhibitions either as having had a large number of leads, or as having had 'quality'leads, both in truth are relevant. It was with some surprise that our first show in South Africa offered both volume of visitors (we were still demonstrating our system at 6 pm on the Friday!) and quality of leads," he said.

"This evolved into making us very busy the following week trying to follow up just the hottest contacts whilst still in SA.

"Whoever you speak to around the world keep referring to IFSEC in the UK as being the premier security show. However, it has become so large that all products become devalued as visitors become confused ending up walking around in a daze. The only way to tackle IFSEC is to know who you wish to visit before entering the hall, but one misses out on the new developments," he says.

"Securex 2000, in my opinion, allowed the visitor to assess all there was to see without becoming confused and for the exhibitors to demonstrate to their target audience."

"ISM was invited to share a stand with Philips. Stand sharing with the right partner has many advantages generating interest in both directions helping with the rising costs! As well as offering the visitor a chance to assess different but complementary products on one stand perhaps we will see more of this in the future.

"All in all, as a first time exhibitor to Securex, we were most pleased with the outcome and look forward to visiting South Africa again in May generated by the interest shown at Securex."

For details contact Stephen Smith of ISM on e-mail:

MAMI launches new generation gate motors

The proven Telcoma SM40 is not a product of mere passing trends but a truly ideal architectural response, which stand up to the test of time. So says Renato Tarentino of MAMI, importers of Telcoma's gate automation products. "The quality of the anti-oxidation treatment of the metal and the consistence of the die-casting, combine to put the SM40 in an unassailable position in terms of longevity of functional duration," he says. "Key technical innovations include its magnetic runner limit switch system and a mechanical clutch, an indication of Telcoma's desire to offer maximum security and reliability in the automation of sliding gate systems, qualifying the SM40 as the benchmark in this category."

MAMI offers other Telcoma ranges, including the SML40 series, the Techno series and the Swing series of gate automation products.

Says Tarentino, "Based on Telcoma's experience of the heavy duty SM40 series, the new SML40 domestic unit has been introduced. The SML electromechanical gear makes it possible to introduce a new product to the market which, although competitively priced, continues to provide the unwavering quality combined with the robust durability that has come to be expected from Telcoma.

"The solidity of its high pressure die-casting, its special high resistant anti-oxide coating, the dimensions and functional precision of the electric motor, all contribute to an assurance of guaranteed security, even for motors that are intended for domestic use. One just has to compare SML with other products in the same price-range and judge for oneself," says Tarentino.

The Techno is the latest in the new generation of Telcoma motors. A 24 V motor uses two 12 V batteries in series, giving the motor more speed than a standard 12 V motor and greater longevity. Key features on the new Techno include an onboard digital timer for gate opening and a self learning capability which makes limit switches unnecessary and results in quick and easy installation.

The compact and traditional Swing design was born from the need for both harmony and integration with the classic external enclosures which topically surround our homes. The liberal use of material such as die cast aluminium and stainless steel, guarantees both an absence of maintenance and long term durability.

Swing is available in both 'reversible' and 'irreversible' versions. In the 'I' version, the manual release operation is carried out by the use of the special, elegantly designed TELCOMA key which is provided. The release is effected simply and without effort, thanks to a device which controls the velocity of the motor's main shaft.

For details contact MAMI on tel: (011) 452 4737, fax: (011) 452 4738, or e-mail:

Key on the door vs key in the drawer

As more and more individuals take measures to prevent their cars being stolen, car thieves have been forced to seek quicker and easier targets for their crimes. Because so many, and such a wide variety of people, have access to car keys at car dealerships, they are a natural target, and as such, preventing criminals from gaining access to both cars and their keys is an increasing priority, not only for the cars the dealership is selling, but also for the cars which are being serviced.

Whilst there are a variety of methods available for controlling access to car keys, few are foolproof. Pegboards, generally in central locations are not well protected and there is no guarantee that sales people or other employees will return keys to their proper place when they're finished using them. Lock boxes, which attach to the windows of cars, are an easy way to grant access to all vehicles by all sales people, but are effective only in slowing down car thieves and are no guarantee against theft.

Using the KeyTrak key control system that both locks down keys and creates a verifiable audit trail can help prevent the use and abuse of keys in almost any situation. KeyTrak's Service system can also keep dealers from ever having to say to a customer, I'm sorry, we've misplaced your keys. Can we give you a lift home?"

Over 2500 car dealerships world-wide have chosen KeyTrak to protect their keys. These company's report:

* A 180° turnaround in car theft and mysterious damages.

* Huge savings in rekeying and locksmith costs.

* Ability to sell more cars.

* Management focused on sales results, not key maintenance and theft prevention.

For details contact FST on telephone: (011) 455 4526, fax: (011) 450 2890, or e-mail:

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