Perimeter protection

November 2006 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Perimeter security is the ‘first line of ­defence’ for sensitive organisations and CCTV surveillance is well established as a tool to help manage perimeter security.

However, it is now possible to get far greater value - and better security - from perimeter CCTV, by using it to provide an additional, highly reliable detection capability. This capability is one aspect of what is being called 'intelligent video surveillance' and it is made possible by advances in realtime video analysis. Nice Systems pioneered this concept with the NiceVision solution, which is now being used by organisations around the world to enforce perimeter security and protect high-risk and high-value assets.

In practice

A practical application of intelligent video surveillance is a key military base that implemented a NiceVision system to alert guards to potential threats near the perimeter. Conventional detection systems simply did not offer the level of situational awareness that was required. The video analysis system was configured to spot pedestrians using an adjacent public right-of-way and raise an alarm if someone loitered near the perimeter for longer than a predetermined time. As a result, guards are assured of being alerted to potential threats and perimeter security is significantly enhanced.

The benefits

A key benefit of using video as a detection system is the ability to instantly review events leading up to the detected threat situation. Operators can simply click on a video alarm and immediately see how a suspect has behaved prior to the alarm - such information is crucial to deterring probable intent. Is the suspect a political activist, trying to sabotage the organisation? Or is it a witless drunk, unaware that he is climbing a fence into a secure area? The operator can immediately see what has happened so far, while simultaneously being able to view the live situation. This capability provides detailed information required to make accurate decisions quickly.

Intelligent video surveillance provides organisations with a new way to enforce perimeter security; protecting their staff, assets and the public.

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