Camera control at Klapper Farm

August 2005 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

The client

Klapper Farm is a game breeder situated near Nylstroom in Limpopo Province.

The situation

The farm had been troubled with the problem of stock and property theft. Added to this was the burden of having to count and keep track of the animals on the farm as well as look for any threats to the wellbeing of the animals. Another problem was keeping track of the electric fences of the farm and camps on the farm being in optimal condition to ensure the safety of the animals. The farm was being monitored remotely from offices in Johannesburg.

The solution

Being a farm far out of town there are no communications or broadband connections, and also no electricity to the remote areas the cameras must reach. Solar power would have to be the method of powering the equipment, and the communications medium would have to be wireless 802.11b. The cameras are IP-based cameras recording back to a PC server. The connection to the city is via a satellite Internet connection. Use was made of nine IP speed dome cameras and each utilising a 54M wireless connection to reach the base. A ratio of three cameras being transmitted through one relay station on the mountain was found to deliver live video speeds.

The benefits

Self sufficiency. The solar power will keep the equipment running without any intervention, the wireless connectivity makes it a low risk for lighting damage, and means the equipment has less maintenance and upkeep.

Functionality. IP CCTV allows unlimited viewing from any location as long as you have internet connectivity at your location.

Improved service. The solution had been built around individual needs and remote monitoring at its extreme.

Fact file

Clint Matthews, SCS Services, 011 705 3117,

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