Remote control of employees

August 2005 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

The mission

Chicago businessman, Greg Godwin, owns and operates 10 tax service franchises and needed to observe and supervise employees and business operations at all locations. Godwin required a cost-effective solution that would allow him to monitor and protect the business and his employees against fraud or theft.

The solution

Axis video servers convert incoming video feeds from closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras into digital signals, allowing images to travel securely over the Internet. This enables constant monitoring from one central location, giving business owners the flexibility to work from one office while viewing activity at multiple offices. Godwin used 11 Axis video servers to monitor operations from his remote office, establishing a sense of security in the ownership and operation of his business.

The result

After installing the video servers, Godwin was able to view transactions and office operations at any location, at any time. This helps him better supervise and manage business operations as well as reduce employee theft and deter tax fraud.

Godwin started his independently owned and operated tax service in 1991 with one location. Since that time, he has expanded to 10 locations throughout the Chicago area. Because the information his offices process can be highly sensitive, managing the security of locations, the integrity of employee performance and general office maintenance has always been a high priority for Godwin. The use of video servers and surveillance cameras allows him the opportunity to monitor business operations from one central location.

Being in the tax preparation business requires adhering to a rigid set of US government and internal regulations. Each year, tax preparation services must avoid falling victim to employee and customer fraud. With the use of Axis security products, Godwin knows that in the event of a fraudulent transaction, the criminals will be easily identifiable through network video technology. In addition, management will be able to monitor transactions and help maintain adherence to strict company and government practices. "In the tax business, we maintain integrity and reduce the risk of processing fraudulent returns by operating under specific guidelines," he says. "We trust and respect our workers and the Axis technology gives them the sense that someone is protecting them from deviant behaviour."

With the addition of digital surveillance technology, Godwin can spend more time focusing on general business needs, rather than worrying about the integrity of business operations and transactions.

"Our security has improved by 200%," Godwin continues. "With the addition of Axis security technology, I am more effectively managing my business; saving valuable time and money that would be wasted travelling from one location to another. Now, I am secure in the proper operation of all of my offices, helping me offer a higher level of customer service. In addition, the system was so simple to install and maintain that I am certain the benefits will far outweigh the cost of implementation."

Fact file

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