Biometrics Selection Guide 2021

Access & Identity Management Handbook 2021 Biometrics Selection Guide, Access Control & Identity Management

Select technology: All | facial | fingerprint | palm | temperature

Select brand: All | Hikvision | ZKTeco

Select distributor: All | Ademco | Pinnacle Micro | Regal Distributors SA | Sensor Security Africa

Hikvision South Africa

Biometric Technology: facial, temperature

Manufacturer/Brand name: Hikvision

Distributor/Supplier: Ademco, Pinnacle Micro, Regal Distributors SA, Sensor Security Africa

Device: DS-K1TA70MI-T Face Recognition Terminal with Temperature Screening

Description: Features fast temperature measurement mode; face mask wearing and forced mask wearing alerts; 6000 face, 6000 card, and 100 000 event capacity; face recognition duration below 0,2 s/user; and face recognition accuracy in excess of 99%. A voice prompt is triggered and door status (open/close) can be configured when detecting abnormal temperature.

Application: Access control, temperature screening, face recognition, time and attendance

Integration support: Hikvision ISAPI protocol, Hikcentral open API

Contact: Leon Hu

Tel: +27 72 967 5793

[email protected]

Regal Distributors SA

Biometric Technology: fingerprint, facial, palm, temperature

Manufacturer/Brand name: ZKTeco

Distributor/Supplier: Regal Distributors SA

Device: SpeedFaceV5LTD/LK188-19 Multibiometric Terminal

Description: This unit supports up to 6000 faces, 10 000 fingerprints, 3000 palms, and 200 000 transactions. It runs on ZKFace V5.8, ZKFinger V10.0 and ZKPalm V12.0 algorithms, BioSecurity software, and TCP/IP, RS-485 and USB Host communication. Thermal measurement accuracy is +/-0,3°C.

Application: Access control, temperature screening, time and attendance

Contact: Andrew Levell Smith

Tel: +27 11 553 3300

[email protected]

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