Video cameras with 'DynaView' technology

February 2003 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

The Sony SSC-DC593P/DC98P colour video cameras are specifically designed for challenging day/night surveillance applications.

Incorporating the newly developed DynaView technology, these cameras offer a wide dynamic range to allow the capture of clear images even in strong backlight situations.

Sony Broadcast & Professional SA product manager, Dave Schultz, says the camera allows users to achieve a dynamic range 128 times wider than conventional cameras.

By activating DynaView mode, the camera will capture the same image twice - first at normal shutter speed and then at a high shutter speed. The newly developed LSI then combines the dark areas captured at normal shutter speed and bright areas captured at the high shutter speed into one image.

As a result, the camera can reproduce high contrast pictures. DynaView allows the SSC-DC593P/DC598P series to achieve more powerful back-light compensation (BLC).

"An automatic 'day/night' function additionally allows users to obtain superb quality colour images during the day and viewable B&W images in the night," he notes.

For greater operational flexibility, the SSC-DC593P/DC598P provide a variety of convenient features including 'Privacy Zone Masking', 'Activity Detection' and can be controlled remotely through its RS485 interface.

For more information contact Dave Schultz, Sony SA, 011 620 8100.

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