Network camera for remote surveillance

February 2003 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

NPC (Electronics) - the exclusive distributor and importer of Panasonic and Technics products in South Africa has introduced the Panasonic KX-HCM10 network camera, which allows for remote surveillance of home and office. Networked via Ethernet, the lightweight 116 x 116 mm KX-HCM10 allows one to view remote images on a PC from any location. Furthermore, one can control the camera from any PC connected to a network using a standard Web browser.

"A Web server is built into the camera, along with control software (TCP/UDP) and e-mail software (SMTP)," explains Ben Hunt, divisional director: Panasonic Telecommunications Systems. "This makes it totally networkable and places control entirely in your hands."

The KX-HCM10 can be used for both home and business applications. "In a business environment, the camera allows you to view other rooms, warehouses or branch offices whether you are in the same building or in a different building at a distant location," elaborates Hunt. "All you need is a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). You can then install any number of KX-HCM10 cameras, assign each one an individual IP address, and link them to the network. You can then monitor the images captured by one or more of the cameras, using the interactive software to pan, tilt or 'zoom' by enlarging the image or record."

The KX-HCM10 offers up to 640 x 480 video resolution; as well as remote pan (60° left and right) and tilt (from 0 to 45° down). It can also send e-mail automatically, when triggered by the built-in time sensor or an optional security sensor. Moreover, the camera can be monitored by up to 10 users simultaneously; while a multi-image display option allows up to four cameras to be viewed at the same time.

Hunt adds that development plans are in progress to develop a weatherproof version of the machine. "A weatherproof networkable camera will extend the functionality of the KX-HCM10 into the outdoors, lending itself to protecting the entrances and exits to business and residential properties," he says.

For more information contact Panasonic CCVE, 086 117 7777.

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