FT Commander interface allows backwards compatibility

February 2003 Products

Following a strong commitment to providing a path for Cardax customers to employ the latest access control technology, the latest version of Cardax FT Series 5 incorporates full Cardax FT Commander Interface.

The Cardax FT Commander Interface is a specific software product developed to allow Cardax sites with legacy systems to adopt the head end of the latest Cardax system - Cardax FT Series 5 Command Centre.

Migrating means the customer is able to reap the benefits of the more advanced, user-friendly Cardax FT Series 5 solution. At the same time, Commander Interface allows the site to retain full use of the existing Commander hardware, thus leveraging previous investments. For new hardware additions, sites will then be able to support Cardax FT hardware, fostering a progressive upgrade of solutions, in line with the development of new innovative products and features.

While Cardax started with access control systems, Cardax FT Series 5 extends the boundaries to a complete, integrated, enterprise-wide security and management solution, including extensive reporting functionality. Cardax FT Series 5 was developed by Cardax to take advantage of the technological advances that were taking place, especially within the Information Technology environment. The rapid growth of the Internet removed traditional barriers, allowing for integration of sites and offices around the world onto centralised systems. Information Kits for Cardax customers interested in migrating to Cardax FT Series 5 are now available.

For more information contact Cardax South Africa, 011 467 2149, salesafrica@cardax.com

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