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Elvey International is a premier supplier of alarm and intruder detection solutions for the southern African market. Highlighted here are a few of the more popular products in its broad range.

Optex RX40-QZ SA – a PIR detector for the new millennium

Optex continues its world-renowned success for exceptional catch performance and false alarm resistance at an affordable price. This PIR detector features quad zone logic. With its exceptional catch performance and innovative method for discriminating against sources of unwanted false alarms, this detector has very quickly taken the market by storm.

According to Elvey International, the company has worked very closely with Optex to redesign the RX 40-QZ, in order to manufacture a detector specifically for the local South African conditions. This has resulted in a unique detector with a sensitive catch performance while achieving unparalleled false alarm resis­tance.

One of the reasons for this exceptional performance is the individually plastic injection moulded lens, a unique feature in Optex. The new RX40-QZ SA has increased RF rejection. These two features dramatically assist the detector with its patented quad zone logic, which intelligently discriminates between intruders and sources of false alarms.

The standard coverage area for the RX40-QZ SA is 12 m x 12 m in the standard wide-angle version. An optional long-range lens is available which offers an 18 m x 1,2 m detection area.

Optex DX-40 – integrated PIR and microwave detector

The new DX–40 is the result of Optex’s advanced research with PIR and microwave technology. Unique advancements include patent pending ‘Microwave area shaping technology’ and PIR technology with a new spherical lens to improve the quad zone logic in a compact housing.

Microwave technology – The DX-40 reduces one of the biggest weak points of microwave detection, that is the penetration of walls and unwanted detection of movement outside the coverage area. In addition, the detection area has uniform sensitivity, which minimises false activations caused by spot movement in the detection area.

Passive infrared technology – By using Optex’s advanced optical technology, the DX-40 creates evenly distributed sensitivity throughout the detection area. Accurate focus creates even sensitivity and high resistance to spot temperature changes.

DSC PC608 – the POWER legacy continues

Digital Security Controls (DSC) has continued its success of the POWER 832 range of control panels with the new POWER 608. The POWER 608 is a 6-zone unit expandable to eight zones. Expansion is made possible ­either by adding the PC 5132 wireless receiver for integration of wireless devices or by using any of the keypads that have zone inputs, such as the PC5508Z or the LCD5500Z.

With 37 user codes the POWER 608 can be used in just about any application. The POWER 608 has two fully programmable outputs and can also expand its outputs to a further 12 via output modules. Communication formats include SIA and Contact ID, which make it possible to link to most control rooms. Even if not linked to a control room, the POWER 608 can log the last 128 events with time and date stamp, which can be viewed via the LCD5500Z keypad or printed using the PC5400 serial printer interface module.

If needed the POWER 608 can auto­matically arm itself at any specified time of the day.

Another new innovation from DSC is the ability to download information to and from the panel without a modem, by using PC-LINK .

The Caddx NX-8 – a new generation in burglar alarm panels

The NetworX control panels from Caddx ­Controls represent a new approach to security systems design. Drawing on its experience as the largest exporter of US manufactured controls, Caddx has developed one of the most flexible, durable and user/installer friendly range of control panels yet.

The ‘baby’ of the range is the feature rich NX-4. Expandable from 4 to 8 zones, the NX-4 offers the domestic and small commercial alarm installer a host of user-friendly options to meet almost any application. The unique three-wire combus presents the installer of alarm transmission radios with a new level of RF rejection, reducing the problem of inter­ference from these powerful radios. The NX-4 includes the valuable 185-event log of the larger Caddx panels, as well as time scheduling. The high speed communications capability of the NX-4 is highlighted with the inclusion of both SIA and Contact-ID formats. The control panel is even self-programming for these formats, making programming a cinch for installers.

The well priced NX-6 is a fully featured control panel, expandable from 6 to 12 zones, out of the box. The two independent partitions, each with its own entry/exit delays, account codes and selectable features by partition, allow each zone to be assigned to one or more partitions in any configuration. With up to 40 users, each user can be assigned different authority levels and each user can be assigned to one or more partitions.

The competitively priced NX-8 is a fully ­featured control panel, expandable from 8 to a maximum of 48 zones. The eight independent partitions, each with their own entry/exit delays, account codes and selectable features by partition, allow each zone to be assigned to one or more partitions in any configuration. With up to 99 users, each user can be assigned different authority levels and each user can be assigned to one or more partitions. The unique 3-wire communications bus allows up to 16 keypads and various modules, to be run over distances exceeding 800 m.

Installers can be trained on one control panel with consistent programming, wiring and downloading techniques to cover a broad range of markets from the average residential system to the large commercial system, which can prove to be a great saving in terms of stock holdings, training and service requirements. All the modules, keypads and accessories are common for all three of the Caddx NetworX control panels.

For details contact Elvey International on tel: (011) 401 6700, or visit

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