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The Cellsecure Smart Home, Home Management and Security System is ISO 9011, SABS and CE certified and has a 24 month warranty.

The range comprises the V8 SMS Communicator Home Management System, the E6 SMS Communicator Home Management System, the Eagle 8 security system and the Eagle Eye early warning system.

E6 SMS Communicator
E6 SMS Communicator

* V8 SMS Communicator Home Management System

The V8 SMS Communicator automates a home and security system using a cellphone. SMS text messages from a cellphone provide command messages to switch on and off and monitor any electrical device at home. The system provides bi-directional SMS communication and information of any device it may be connected to, to family cellphone owners.

Further communication is password protected, with a status report that can be downloaded directly onto a cellphone.

* E6 SMS Communicator offers you:

Similar features as the V8 SMS Communicator plus the benefits of a full alarm system. The E6 Communicator offers the following:

- A 6-zone control panel with 24 hour and monitor zone.

- Away, sleep and panic modes.

- Can be operated using a cellphone or 3-channel keyring remote.

- Sensors and detectors make use of rolling code encryption, making it virtually impossible to break the code.

- Up to 30 wireless detectors can be added to the system.

- Outputs provided for sirens and strobe lights as well as switching three devices on and off, either automatically or by using a cellphone (ie, gates, lights, etc).

* The Eagle 8 complete security system offering includes:

- An 8-zone control panel which includes a 24 hour and monitor zone.

- Battery back-up for up to seven days in case of a power failure.

- Built-in wireless sensor batteries lasting up to eight years.

- Away, sleep and panic modes.

- Remote arming/disarming by using portable 3-channel keyring remote from outside the building.

- All wireless devices feature rolling code encryption for extra security.

* The Eagle Eye early warning system offers:

- A 2-zone control panel with 24 hour monitoring zone.

- Remote arming/disarming with annunciation by using portable keyring remote.

- Panel battery back-up for up to seven days in case of a power failure.

- All sensors are wireless.

- Battery life of sensors up to eight years.

Furthermore, all communication between the remote control, passives, door guards and control panel are random code encrypted with 64 billion combinations. Outputs are provided for sirens, as well as telemetry signals for armed response radios and communication devices. Cellsecure is currently seeking distributors for its Smart Home, Home Management and Security Management System.

For more information contact Cellsecure, 012 663 5123.

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