Outdoor surveillance camera

September 2002 Surveillance

Panasonic has expanded its range of surveillance equipment with a new series of colour/black-and-white dome cameras designed specifically for outdoor applications.

The key features of the WV-CW860 series include:

* A weather proof, vandal-resistant outdoor housing that meets international IP66 standards for dust and moisture resistance.

* Automatic switching from ultra-sensitive colour mode during the day to super-sensitive black-and-white mode at night.

* An auto-focus lens with 22x zoom, full 360° horizontal rotation and 180° vertical tilt as well as digital flip capabilities for tracking people on site.

* Auto panning.

* Privacy zone masking to protect against operator misuse or violation of the general public's right to privacy.

* Four direct alarm input and two output terminals.

Riding on the success of the WV-CS850 Series, Mags Anthony, director of Panasonic's CCVE Systems, believes that the WV-CW860 Series will be well received by the South African market. "The new cameras are ideal for outdoor parking lots, retail sites, town centre surveillance, hotels, offices and other buildings, motorways and parks," he says. "As such, we are confident that the WV-CW860 Series is ideal for systems in which the security of people and assets is nonnegotiable."

For more information: Panasonic CCVE, 086 117 7777.

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