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September 2002 Surveillance

Vanguard Managed Solutions (VanguardMS) - formerly Motorola - has announced RemoteVU Guardian, a product designed exclusively for IP video surveillance.

"Today schools, banks, retail outlets and other organisations are increasingly integrating analog CCTV video surveillance traffic, access control signals and alarms over one data network," says Craig Rosewarne, channel manager for enterprise networks at Westcon.

"Security managers have recognised that the network must provide instant access to remote sites, address realtime incidents at off-hours and provide maximum coverage at any time. With the advance of IP digital video technology, IT and security managers can now implement a truly converged solution that addresses these needs, while at the same time reducing network operating costs, protecting the network investment and minimising bandwidth demands."

According to Rosewarne, IP video solutions must contain the intelligence to co-exist on the network with multiple IP devices that are performing data and voice tasks. "RemoteVU Guardian allows today's security professionals to tie analog security cameras to a local or wide area network to receive and store critical visual information in realtime. It has all the features of a video surveillance tool and the intelligence of a network access device all in one," he explains.

"By supporting IP Multicast and Unicast on the same or multiple cameras, RemoteVU Guardian allows multiple users to log on simultaneously and view the same quality video," says Rosewarne. "This is critical in emergencies when numerous individuals must assess the situation from dispersed geographical locations.

"The device was designed exclusively for IP video surveillance and is not based on 'off-the-shelf' architecture. It combines individual video processors and unique network access device capabilities to convert analog video traffic to digital," he concludes.

This platform is less susceptible to issues that affect PC-based platforms such as viruses and crashing operating systems. It's supported by a fully capable Web-based interface, which includes pan, tilt and zoom controls, camera pre-sets and hard drive storage access, providing a robust IP surveillance solution with full motion video capabilities at low bandwidths.

"While other products require multiple hard drives which result in higher costs, Remote VUGuardian compresses video at such an efficient rate that its single 160 GB hard drive running eight cameras simultaneously - at 30 frames per second - can record for a full 14 days. Beat that," challenges Rosewarne.

For more information: Craig Rosewarne, Westcon, 011 233 1111.

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