Computer-managed locking systems

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Computer-managed (CM) standalone locking systems are the new workhorses for security managers in the United States, including those at healthcare facilities such as the University of California-San Francisco.

They provide features found previously only with online, networked systems. Whatever the credential used, one intuitive software programs all - the locks, access trim, strikes and magnets - from a laptop or PDA. New users, access points and access privileges can be entered into the system in seconds.

Systems, such as the 'Locknetics on Board' CM products line of Schlage CM locks, Locknetics universal controllers and even IR recognition systems biometric hand geometry readers, facilitate simplified, uniform access control administration.

The system operator can easily control both users and access points based on time of day, day of week, credential needed and/or period of time. Reports show audit trails retrieved, access privileges granted and time functions established by either the user or door. With a laptop or PDA, the administrator goes to a door, plugs in the interface to the locking system right at the door, adds or deletes users, determines which users can have access to specific doors at specific times throughout the day, and downloads audit trails of who has been through the door and when.

At a health centre

A major West Coast medical school and centre has installed CM locks at the home to its graduate professionals in dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy, full- and part-time faculty and staff, a graduate division for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral scientists, the medical centre and institutes.

This organisation chose the CM locks which, at their facilities, use magnetic stripe cards and PINs for unlocking.

The health centre used Schlage CM locks as it could accommodate the 6-8 digit code lengths different departments use. They can also have a direct connect to a panic device without hardwiring. The audit feature is appreciated by the scientists who like to have control over their own lab areas, knowing who has access and when.

For further information: IR Locknetics,

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