Three level security concept

August 2002 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Optex, manufacturer of intruder detection devices - represented locally by Elvey International - has introduced a unique three-level security concept to ensure that installers of Optex outdoor detectors can offer complete and reliable detection solutions for any application.

The AX-Series
The AX-Series

Level A

Level A offers early warning perimeter protection for the open areas surrounding a building with the the AX-series, which includes the short range 30 m AX-100PLUS and the long range 200 m AX 650 MKII. With over 14 kV surge protection, impact resistant covers and more than 99% beam tolerance; these detectors are designed to withstand the most severe environmental conditions. By utilising dual infrared beams, the AX-series provides a high level of protection against false alarms caused by birds, falling leaves, and other disturbances.

Level B

Level B offers boundary detection for a building's immediate perimeter with the BX-series. The BX-series detects intruders before they get inside and includes the award winning BX-80N. The BX-80N's long, narrow detection area comes from a centre point covering both sides, and creates a multilayered 24 m horizontal barrier, which detects intruders and sounds the alarm before they actually break in.

In addition, the BX-100PLUS 'BoundaryGard', which is a 30 m slimline photoelectric detector for exterior surfaces of buildings, provides an economical protection solution for multiple doors and windows. An optional white decorative cover ensures that the BX-100 Plus offers state of the art detection, without compromising the aesthetics of a building.

The VX402REC outdoor PIR
The VX402REC outdoor PIR

Outdoor PIR

The VX-402 series outdoor passive infrared has a unique size judging function that allows the detector to distinguish the difference between a false alarm, and an intruder. The flexible detection range function eliminates false alarms caused by unwanted movement, eg cars, people and animals that fall outside the detection area. A new model in the range is the VX-402REC. This detector includes two recordable voice messages, which can be delivered in one of four playback sequences to warn intruders that they have been detected. The design of the detector allows it to adapt to many different applications, eg in the CCTV industry, the detector can warn potential intruders that they have been detected and are being recorded. On construction sites, an external speaker can be connected to the detector, announcing that a hazardous area is ahead.

The RX-40QZ indoor detector
The RX-40QZ indoor detector

Level C

Level C offers indoor detection. The RX-40QZ indoor detector uses patented technology to maintain a balance of stability, reliability and catch performance. By utilising a plastic injection moulded spherical lens and patented quad zone logic in a sealed housing, the RX-40QZ is designed to ensure zero false alarms. In addition, the SX-series consists of ceiling-mount detectors that offer 360° detection performance for applications where a 'bird's eye view' is critical to achieve the best possible detection, eg shelving and partitions.

The MX-40QZ is the latest addition to the comprehensive range of Optex indoor detectors. By using a combination of microwave and passive infrared detection technology, a plastic injection moulded spherical lens, patented quad zone logic and anti-cross talk circuitry, the MX-40 offers a high level of stability and detection for harsher environments.

For more information: Elvey International, 011 401 6700,

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