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May 2002 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

TeqTrader has introduced the IntelliSense DT-900 series sensor system from Ademco's Holland-based Security House Exports division.

The sensor's exclusive queue logic processing harnesses the industry's most advanced processing scheme. Incoming signals are held in a queue and analysed simultaneously to ensure no signals are overlooked or prematurely discarded and that false signals are eliminated.

Other innovations include anti-sabotage features, such as active infrared for anti-masking, a look-down lens, tamper switches, vandal-resistant housing and the patented Informer function. The DT-900 Series also provides the flexibility to choose between two distinctly different detection patterns simply by rotating its unique double-sided segmented mirror.

The system is ideal for protecting warehouse and assembly areas, as well as large-scale retail applications, where a single sensor can cover up to a 61 m range for storefront and aisle applications.

TeqTrader and Ademco are both part of the international Honeywell stable and, says TeqTrader's Frank Fowles, this renders the supply of Ademco products efficient and cost effective. "There is essentially one link to the South African market, but many benefits to our customers who enjoy superior internationally proven products with local training, support and back-up. It is the same as if the customer had a direct link with the manufacturer."

George Kort from Security House Exports will be on hand at Securex 2002 to field questions on the TeqTrader stand.

For further details contact Frank Fowles, TeqTrader on (011) 403 3002.

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