Products of the Year: Bartronic announces new series of products

December 2001 Integrated Solutions

Bartronic Security Systems has had much success with its superior BARTEK technology developed towards the end of 2000. This technology has already been incorporated in several of its products, with more to come in the future. This technology allows receivers to be usable with almost any form of remote control transmitter including 12-way binary, 9- way trinary, French code and code-hopping.

Up to eight differently coded remotes of any type and any combination can be programmed into a given receiver. There is no limitation on the combinations, codes or variations of remote controls programmed into a receiver, other than the maximum number which is eight different types or codes per relay. This technology has been incorporated into the 1, 2 and 3-channel receivers and also a mains RX. All receivers have latch and pulse selection links on board. Waterproof versions are also available for outdoor use. They are available in 403 and 433 MHz (for the export market).


1. Only one product needed to be stocked by installers and suppliers to cover all their applications.

2. Ease of installation requiring no training.

3. The complicated coding arrangements of present systems are simplified.

4. Long range when used with good remote controls (up to 500 m).

More products will be converted to this technology in the future including products such as the 6-channel RX, 27-channel RX, digital receiver, printer receiver, repeater and others.

For futher details contact Bartronics on tel: (011) 624 2637, e-mail:

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