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November 2001 Surveillance

Vision Catcher has added to its DVR product list its new join system. Known as the SecureVu Join, it is a DVR running at 400 frames per second providing realtime viewing and realtime recording with every channel having synchronised audio.

A new feature is an electronic mapping system that not only gives the advantage of monitoring but also allows one to see a floor plan or whatever layout is required for a LAN or WAN. When a camera is activated by an alarm trigger, the map will confirm which camera and then focus in on that particular area.

SecureVu Join is rack mountable in a standard 4U build, coming complete with 17" monitor, mouse and keyboard. It has built-in VMD on each camera with ten individually programmable zone settings per camera linking directly to alarm outputs, and a 24-point digital input digital output setup to program and prioritise relay switches, barriers and dry contacts.

LAN, WAN, and remote dial in/out are also available. A remote control GUI allows for full control of the inner workings of the SecureVu Join. Other features include the ability to drive multiple PTZs, backup to RAID and other storage mediums.

The SecureVu Join is suitable for applications in casinos, banks and mines.

For further details contact Niall Beazley, Vision Catcher on tel: (011) 465 6396 or e-mail:

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